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Dieprivier Attractions and Distance Calculations
Dieprivier is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Dieprivier
Direct Distance from Dieprivier to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1313 Km
Direct Distance from Dieprivier to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1266 Km
Direct Distance from Dieprivier to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1271 Km
Direct Distance from Dieprivier to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 655 Km
Direct Distance from Dieprivier to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 915 Km
Direct Distance from Dieprivier to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1536 Km
Direct Distance from Dieprivier to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 839 Km
Direct Distance from Dieprivier to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1551 Km
Roads Near Dieprivier
Roads / Streets in DieprivierRoad Length
Aanyon Road 11m
Adele Street 142m
Alnwick Road 259m
Annandale Road 266m
Atherstone Road 487m
Avon Road 247m
Avondale Terrace 494m
Azalea Street 167m
Bergvliet Road 208m
Birkenhead Road 086m
Blackwood Road 149m
Blenheim Road 243m
Boundary Road 989m
Bronnies Way 142m
Cannon Street 662m
Caxton Close 051m
Caxton Crescent 085m
Cherbourg Avenue 282m
Coronation Avenue 492m
Curie Way 162m
Dauphine Way 03m
De Waal Road 746m
De Waal Road Service Road 166m
Denniston Close 086m
Duminy Road 073m
Edgeware Close 082m
Edgeware Road 563m
Enchor Road 133m
Eton Road 118m
Fairdale Road 364m
Fairmead Road 109m
Faure Close 204m
Ferguson Street 46m
Fern Close 037m
Firtree Street 153m
Francis Road 251m
Fredas Road 12m
Geyer Road 104m
Green Valley Close 161m
Greenfield Road 246m
Greenwich Road 306m
Grosvenor Road 246m
Hadfield Way 145m
Hamilton Road 528m
Hancock Street 365m
Hanover Road 247m
Harries Street 419m
Harrow Road 247m
Heath Road 096m
Hiddingh Road North 197m
Hilmar Road 07m
Hoole Close 133m
Ian Taylor Road 197m
Irmas Lane 098m
Janni Road 063m
Jasmine Lane 031m
John Laguma Road 2m
Kendal Road 646m
Kingfisher Lane 17m
Lawrence Road 08m
Lister Way 242m
Luton Road 153m
Main Road 826m
Marconi Way 178m
Marston Road 155m
Massinger Road 433m
Mile End Road North 246m
Mimosa Street 157m
Mocke Road 262m
Myburgh Road 1.103Km
Nice Road 281m
Nicholas Close 076m
Nicholette Street 409m
Nobel Way 251m
Normandy Crescent 061m
Oakridge Close 137m
Oakridge Lane 084m
Old Kendal Close 21m
Paddington Road 166m
Petrea Lane 031m
Pinehill Avenue 18m
Pinelaw Road 292m
Prince Avenue 338m
Ronell Crescent 14m
Rouen Avenue 275m
Ruchill Road 245m
Schaay Road 196m
Selby Road 093m
Sessel Street 235m
Severn Road 247m
Shiraz Close 147m
St Francis Road 106m
Suringa Street 185m
Swan Close 046m
Sweet Valley Road 545m
Talent Street 201m
The Vines 08m
Thornhill Road 207m
Thornton Close 067m
Tindale Road 086m
Toulon Avenue 329m
Tramore Road 21m
Trent Road 279m
Viooltjie Street 131m
Waterford Close 072m
Waterford Road 875m
Welkom Road 3m
White Road 403m
Windsor Road 246m
Wisteria Lane 074m
Yellowwood Crescent 359m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Dieprivier and their distance from Dieprivier
Chemists in DieprivierLatitude Longitude
Steps to Health-34.033971018.4608690
Meadowridge Pharmacy-34.040186818.4563847
Place of Worships in DieprivierLatitude Longitude
Old Apostolic Church-34.051521518.4620043
Police Stations in DieprivierLatitude Longitude
Diep River SAPS-34.031487118.4648787
Restaurants in DieprivierLatitude Longitude
Acapulco Spur-34.048824618.4543337
Spur Restaurant-34.022578618.4683956
Stations in DieprivierLatitude Longitude
Diep River-34.035439218.4670469
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