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Diazville Attractions and Distance Calculations
Diazville is a town in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Diazville
Direct Distance from Diazville to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1280 Km
Direct Distance from Diazville to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1236 Km
Direct Distance from Diazville to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1291 Km
Direct Distance from Diazville to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 718 Km
Direct Distance from Diazville to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 901 Km
Direct Distance from Diazville to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1518 Km
Direct Distance from Diazville to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 807 Km
Direct Distance from Diazville to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1513 Km
Roads Near Diazville
Roads / Streets in DiazvilleRoad Length
Aas 062m
Abdol Street 167m
Alicia 066m
Ansjovis Street 301m
Antonio Street 256m
Arendz Street 2m
Aries Street 165m
Baai Avenue 083m
Barber Street 437m
Basil February Road 471m
Behr Cresent 209m
Behr Pl 206m
Berta Street 046m
Bhashe Street 162m
Biko Street 354m
Biskop Street 213m
Bowline 073m
Capricorn Street 176m
Carolissen Crescent 279m
Clarke Street 238m
Cottager 24m
Diaz 317m
Diaz Road 71m
Diedam 156m
Doleriet Street 274m
Don Street 407m
Ekunene Street 182m
Ekuphumleni Street 365m
Ekuyasa Street 552m
Elf Street 054m
Elita Street 064m
Engin Street 211m
Exolweni Close 045m
Ferry Street 294m
Fikile Close 033m
Florita Street 025m
Forte 044m
Frigate 213m
Galjoen Street 554m
Goodhope Street 524m
Groenvlei Street 219m
Gwetyiwe Street 362m
Herlille Street 164m
Herring Street 169m
Hliso Close 028m
Jaco Pever Street 161m
Jacobs Street 209m
Jezile Street 161m
Katonkel Street 192m
Kavalier Street 052m
Keli Close 029m
Kentucky Street 387m
Kleinhans Street 261m
Kluwer 034m
Kok 208m
Krap Street 055m
Maasdam Street 138m
Madwaleni Close 029m
Mafenuka Street 122m
Maji Street 134m
Makubijalo Close 032m
Mandela Street 137m
Maspaal 081m
Mayflower Street 261m
Mercury Street 408m
Middelpos Drive 1.612Km
Mizpa Street 219m
Monk Street 168m
Moonstone Street 217m
Mossel Street 14m
Murray Street 489m
Mzimkhulu Close 027m
Nontobeko Street 118m
Noorddam Street 216m
Noordsee Street 278m
Notawuli Street 136m
Ntlangano Street 239m
Oester Street 409m
Oog 13m
Oosterdam Street 206m
Orion Street 227m
Oslo Street 065m
Perel Street 446m
Perlemoen Street 23m
Planet Street 064m
Pluto Street 195m
Propeller 157m
Reflector 083m
Repulse Street 302m
Restless Wave Street 208m
Rhadu Street 134m
Rotterdam Street 172m
Sagitta Street 164m
Salmon Street 1m
Sardina Street 335m
Savannah Street 282m
Seekoei Street 055m
Sekujalo Close 04m
Sibevana Street 631m
Sikhona Close 033m
Silver Clipper Street 221m
Silver Hunter Street 221m
Silver Reaper Crescent 272m
Simunye 193m
Skipper Street 342m
Steenkool Street 128m
Suiddam Street 252m
Sunbeam Street 443m
Talmakkies Cresent 223m
Thando Street 126m
Trireem 34m
Tuna Street 084m
Udam Street 068m
Unity Street 21m
Vanguard Street 25m
Vanqase Street 308m
Veendam Street 062m
Viool Street 195m
Vraagom 1.493Km
Westerdam Street 251m
Whipping 625m
Whipping Link Road 064m
Williams Street 769m
Winkfield 181m
Zabalaza Street 44m
Zizamele Street 243m
Zola Street 567m
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