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Deurdrif Attractions and Distance Calculations
Deurdrif is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Deurdrif
Direct Distance from Deurdrif to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1312 Km
Direct Distance from Deurdrif to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1266 Km
Direct Distance from Deurdrif to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1272 Km
Direct Distance from Deurdrif to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 656 Km
Direct Distance from Deurdrif to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 915 Km
Direct Distance from Deurdrif to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1536 Km
Direct Distance from Deurdrif to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 838 Km
Direct Distance from Deurdrif to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1550 Km
Roads Near Deurdrif
Roads / Streets in DeurdrifRoad Length
Adelaide Road 216m
Algoa Way 119m
Alphen Drive 135m
Alphen Hill Road 633m
Angus Close 46m
Anne Close 031m
Athlone Road 171m
Balmoral Road 201m
Bardia Road 302m
Bayview Road 612m
Berwick Road 19m
Birmingham Road 249m
Blackwell Lane 176m
Boundary Road 217m
Braefield Road 187m
Brenda Road 096m
Brink Road 331m
Buckingham Road 339m
Burnham Road 936m
Carnarvon Road 291m
Cecil Road 195m
Charles Close 041m
Charles Way 296m
Chateau Circle 493m
Christine Street 083m
Constantia Glen 247m
Constantia Main Road 2.728Km
Constantia Road 979m
Constantiaberg Close 585m
Cottage Lane 051m
Court Town Road 135m
Cranmere Road 143m
Crescent Road 172m
Dalziel Road 231m
Dan Pienaar Circle 849m
Denbigh Road 409m
Dessie Road 281m
Doordrift Road 1.458Km
Dreyer Close 095m
El Alamein Close 182m
Elizabeth Lane 397m
Everest Close 148m
Fairview Road 165m
Fowes Road 137m
Francis Road 308m
Gabriel Crescent 058m
Gabriel Road 95m
George Walk 187m
Gildale Close 068m
Glendyrr Walk 117m
Gray Road 463m
Hauptville Circle 496m
Hohenhort Avenue 058m
Ian Close 049m
Innesfree Close 06m
Innesfree Road 688m
Janet Close 046m
Ken Close 049m
Knutsford Road 155m
Lewis Drive 997m
Lindley Road 152m
Lionel Road 164m
Lochner Road 59m
Loerie Close 122m
Long Street 652m
Main Road 1.464Km
Martin Road 211m
Meadow Road 39m
Meyrick Avenue 212m
Midhurst Way 34m
Montley Road 074m
Mountain View Road 327m
Nursery Lane 144m
Orient Road 43m
Patricia Road 257m
Penhurst Road 142m
Prospect Hill Road 317m
Rica Louw Avenue 228m
Riesling Road 523m
Riversend Road 113m
Russel Close 072m
Seaview Road 171m
Seven Oaks Road 057m
Short Road 093m
Short Street 083m
Simon van der Stel Freeway 2.696Km
Southfield Road 222m
Spaarman Avenue 17m
St. Catherine Road 499m
St. Clair Road 104m
St. Joans Road 53m
St. Josephs Road 47m
St. Mary Road 147m
Staines Road 266m
Straalen Road 182m
Students Way 336m
Sunrise Close 079m
Thorne Close 099m
Thornwick Road 24m
Thyme Road 093m
Timour Hall Road 635m
Tobruk Road 358m
Van Breda Street 709m
Van Ryn Street 521m
Vernon Road 278m
Victoria Road 113m
Vineyard Avenue 832m
Walsall Road 275m
Weltevreden Drive 455m
Wembley Avenue 341m
Whitby Road 222m
Wicklow Road 298m
Windsor Road 291m
Withycombe Road 09m
Woodlands 133m
Yudelsman Lane 07m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Deurdrif and their distance from Deurdrif
Banks in DeurdrifLatitude Longitude
ABSA Bank-34.022206918.4441192
Standard Bank-34.021015018.4436420
Chemists in DeurdrifLatitude Longitude
Steps to Health-34.033971018.4608690
Cinemas in DeurdrifLatitude Longitude
Luxurama Theatre-34.012802518.4725527
Guest Houses in DeurdrifLatitude Longitude
Constantia Village Lodge-34.016333218.4439434
Hotels in DeurdrifLatitude Longitude
The Last Word Constantia-34.029885418.4399710
Librarys in DeurdrifLatitude Longitude
Wynberg Public Library-34.005252118.4676589
Petrol Stations in DeurdrifLatitude Longitude
Engen Fuel Station-34.020935918.4452444
Police Stations in DeurdrifLatitude Longitude
Diep River SAPS-34.031487118.4648787
Wynberg Police Station-34.004226718.4648183
Restaurants in DeurdrifLatitude Longitude
Spur Restaurant-34.022578618.4683956
Schools in DeurdrifLatitude Longitude
Shiloah Christian School-34.008818618.4709218
Stations in DeurdrifLatitude Longitude
Diep River-34.035439218.4670469
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