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Dersley Attractions and Distance Calculations
Dersley is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Dersley
Distance from Dersley to Selection Park
Roads Near Dersley
Roads / Streets in DersleyRoad Length
Akwamaryn Street 488m
Alabaster Avenue 321m
Albite Street 523m
Alumina Avenue 866m
Amber Street 1.47Km
Azurite Street 336m
Babbit Avenue 471m
Basalt Street 095m
Breccia Street 495m
Corundum Avenue 417m
Epidote Road 2.276Km
Galena Street 367m
Garnet Avenue 163m
Grafiet Street 239m
Jaspis Place 067m
Javertyn Avenue 518m
Koraal Street 272m
Kornalyn ave 481m
Kristal Avenue 212m
Lapilli Street 217m
Magnesium Avenue 289m
Main Reef Road 1.099Km
Marble Avenue 289m
Mercury Avenue 27m
Obsidian Road 302m
Opal Place 053m
Paul Kruger Road 10.005Km
Pumice Avenue 278m
Pyrite Road 805m
Quartz Avenue 632m
Safier Street 287m
Shale Street 294m
Silica Avenue 688m
Silwer Avenue 618m
Sodium Street 389m
Talc Avenue 24m
Thorium Sreet 426m
Topaz Avenue 256m
Torium Street 283m
Turquoise Street 66m
Uraan Street 258m
Vanadium Street 426m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Dersley and their distance from Dersley
Cafes in DersleyLatitude Longitude
Roma diary-26.204751428.4142510
Restaurants in DersleyLatitude Longitude
Stations in DersleyLatitude Longitude
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