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Delft Attractions and Distance Calculations
Delft is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Delft
Distance from Delft to Ashton
Distance from Delft to Bellville
Distance from Delft to Knysna
Distance from Delft to Plettenberg Bay
Roads Near Delft
Roads / Streets in DelftRoad Length
Afram Road 621m
Akobo Court 054m
Anseba Court 082m
Athi Way 092m
Bakkiesblom Singel 561m
Barka Road 281m
Baro Crescent 237m
Batha Street 293m
Belladonna Street 159m
Berth Court 079m
Biesie Crescent 243m
Bietou Close 171m
Bloemspruit Way 092m
Bloukappie Crescent 211m
Boetsap Street 287m
Botletle Crescent 246m
Botterblom Crescent 179m
Brandlelie Singel 046m
Busira Court 063m
Caledon Straat 373m
Callalelie Street 163m
Camdeboo Crescent 885m
Cameroon Court 095m
Cess Court 082m
Chari Crescent 434m
Cross Street 048m
Daka Court 088m
Delft Main Road 1.869Km
Diep Crescent 391m
Disa Way 089m
Draa Way 089m
Duinebessie Crescent 231m
Eerste Way 088m
Fafan Street 245m
Fatima Way 091m
Fish Court 092m
Fort Worth Road 215m
Gabon Street 125m
Gambia Court 218m
Gamka Court 096m
Geelbos Square 075m
Hamman Street 192m
Hartbees Straat 257m
Harts Court 074m
Heinkel Crescent 445m
Homtini Street 503m
Illovo Street 148m
Jan Dissels Road 061m
Jukskei Court 096m
Kaap Street 25m
Kafue Way 09m
Kasai Way 106m
Kebbi Court 09m
Key Way 092m
Keysers Crescent 47m
Knorhoek Weg 451m
Koonap Street 389m
Koster Close 032m
Kouga Way 092m
Krom Crescent 182m
Kuruman Court 147m
Kwando Street 061m
Leiden Avenue 1.682Km
Letaba Crescent 381m
Lindi Way 094m
Lourens Way 089m
Lucas Street 093m
Magol Way 091m
Mangoro Crescent 587m
Maro Way 093m
Mazoe Court 092m
Mendoza Street 405m
Mina Crescent 093m
Mkuze Street 172m
Mono Crescent 584m
Mooi Street 091m
Moreson Avenue 123m
Munwa Court 09m
Nata Crescent 089m
Nietgewek Avenue 259m
Nile Street 322m
Nippon Street 2m
Nongqai Close 05m
Notwari Street 114m
Nuwetuin Close 05m
Ogun Court 089m
Oliphants Crescent 463m
Omo Court 058m
Palala Crescent 225m
Rahad Way 091m
Roosendaal Road 054m
Roulon Street 218m
Rusthof Avenue 108m
Sakrivier Straat 151m
Seafox Street 12m
Selati Court 091m
Senegal Street 325m
Shari Way 093m
Shashi Court 089m
Shire Court 064m
Silversands Road 1.441Km
Sobat Court 083m
Sondraai Avenue 158m
Spitfire Circle 885m
Stuka Lane 184m
Sweetwell Avenue 166m
Talma Street 209m
Tana Way 089m
Tano Street 142m
Taoge Court 092m
Teebus Way 061m
Tertia Street 224m
Teviot Square 129m
The Hague Avenue 062m
Toplands Street 25m
Tornado Circle 477m
Touws Way 09m
Traka Way 092m
Uitkyk Crescent 36m
Umbilo Court 164m
Umgeni Way 091m
Umtata Way 087m
Usutu Crescent 02m
Vaal Court 115m
Vals Court 063m
Vergenoegd Street 285m
Vet Court 09m
Vlaeberg Close 044m
Volta Court 064m
Voorbrug Straat 112m
Voorspoed Close 052m
Vredenburg Square 032m
Welbedacht Slot 037m
Welgelegen Avenue 398m
Willowspring Crescent 186m
Wonker Close 035m
Zambezi Court 113m
Zandkloof Avenue 075m
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Delft SAPS-33.974646918.6422610
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