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Del Judor Attractions and Distance Calculations
Del Judor is a suburb in South Africa, Mpumalanga
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Distance Calculations from Del Judor
Direct Distance from Del Judor to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 106 Km
Direct Distance from Del Judor to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 124 Km
Direct Distance from Del Judor to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1370 Km
Direct Distance from Del Judor to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 474 Km
Direct Distance from Del Judor to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 963 Km
Direct Distance from Del Judor to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 465 Km
Direct Distance from Del Judor to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 543 Km
Direct Distance from Del Judor to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 223 Km
Roads Near Del Judor
Roads / Streets in Del JudorRoad Length
Albertyn Street 185m
Anna Scheepers street 1.185Km
Annette Street 728m
Audrey Street 476m
Barend Street 339m
Beatty Avenue 1.498Km
Belinda Street 385m
Betsie Street 47m
Christine Street 599m
Conradie Street 084m
De Klerk Street 1.043Km
de Kock avenue 941m
Dirkse Street 409m
Engel Street 373m
Enties Street 249m
Estelle Street 541m
Eugene Marais street 961m
Evelyn Street 192m
Frances Street 728m
Freda Street 48m
Geringer Street 1.001Km
Hans Strydom avenue 998m
Hans Strydom Avenue 1.823Km
Hester Street 661m
Hilda Street 097m
Hoeveld Street 484m
Ina Avenue 1.381Km
Jean Street 095m
Jerina Street 476m
Johan street 185m
Joyce Street 137m
Judith Street 069m
Julia Street 182m
Karel street 49m
Karen Street 32m
Laboratory road 47m
Le Ln 416m
Longfellow street 945m
Magaretha Street 349m
Mariska Avenue 224m
Martie Street 249m
Martina Street 072m
Mathew Street 705m
Merriedale Avenue 1.307Km
Molly Street 277m
Opperman street 553m
OR Tambo 1.193Km
Patriot Ho?½rskool 258m
Paul Street 483m
Petra Street 083m
Pieter Street 299m
Reynecke Street 341m
Rita Street 453m
Rolina Street 414m
Roosmaryn Street 09m
Sameul Street 209m
Sirene Street 165m
Skipper Street 718m
Sonja Street 44m
Sophia Street 587m
Steenkamp street 2.873Km
Stevenson street 371m
Tania Street 131m
Theunis Jansen street 1.348Km
Tino Street 11m
Ursula Street 426m
van Heerden street 3.273Km
Victor Street 113m
Watermeyer street 8.609Km
Wemer Street 447m
Willem Street 078m
Woltemade Street 3.397Km
Xan Street 191m
Zandra Street 279m
Zureca Street 122m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Del Judor and their distance from Del Judor
Banks in Del JudorLatitude Longitude
Chemists in Del JudorLatitude Longitude
Schools in Del JudorLatitude Longitude
Patriot Horskool-25.899359929.2426671
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