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Please help answer some questions about living in Deal Party
Deal Party Attractions and Distance Calculations
Deal Party is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Deal Party
Distance from deal party to east london
Distance from Deal Party to Overbaakens
Roads Near Deal Party
Roads / Streets in Deal PartyRoad Length
10th Street 172m
12th Street 692m
13th Street 179m
14th Street 179m
8th Street 694m
Avenue C 1.061Km
Avenue D 648m
Baxter Street 855m
Burman Road 3.249Km
Calata Street 352m
Dorman Street 214m
Grahamstown Road 2.085Km
Gunguluza Street 368m
Mahlangu Street 1.477Km
Mandela Street 728m
Mbeki Street 246m
Metcalf Street 528m
Murdoch Street 253m
Ncapayi Street 379m
Nozewu Street 198m
Olof Palme Street 473m
Pemba Street 502m
Reef Street 108m
Ross Street 176m
Sisulu Street 168m
Stephenson Street 46m
Sturrock Street 608m
Thambo Street 156m
Watt Street 183m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Deal Party and their distance from Deal Party
Community Centres in Deal PartyLatitude Longitude
War Memorial Hall-33.901315525.5989250
Schools in Deal PartyLatitude Longitude
Ben Sinuka Primary School-33.892019925.6028299
Arthur Nyobo Primary-33.904259925.6033799
Samuel Nongogo Primary-33.896069925.5991399
David Vuku Primary School-33.894839925.5991499
Seyisi Primary School-33.886469925.6006899
Kama Public School-33.904249925.5991899
Stations in Deal PartyLatitude Longitude
New Brighton-33.899156025.6078856
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