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Cravenby Attractions and Distance Calculations
Cravenby is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Cravenby
Distance from Cravenby to Gordons Bay
Roads Near Cravenby
Roads / Streets in CravenbyRoad Length
Angela Street 115m
Aries Street 064m
Balvenie Avenue 289m
Bangalore Avenue 128m
Beaufort Crescent 054m
Bertha Street 1.118Km
Bertha Walk 064m
Conway Road 057m
Cravenby Street 468m
Cynthia Street 1m
Daphne Road 1.113Km
Eighth Avenue 467m
Eleventh Avenue 44m
Fifteenth Avenue 293m
Fifth Avenue 547m
First Avenue 692m
Florida Street 837m
Fourteenth Avenue 412m
Fourth Avenue 668m
Goolam Street 159m
Heide Road 091m
Husami Close 036m
Husami Road 373m
Jade Close 082m
Jasmine Street 094m
Kalusta Road 065m
Kambro Road 256m
Kanna Road 056m
Kirkwood Road 152m
Kosmos Road 444m
Krisante Road 058m
Lantana Road 216m
Laventel Road 429m
Leistner Street 312m
Lelie Road 139m
Libra Road 063m
Link Road 072m
Lotus Street 4m
Mamre Street 052m
Melrose Road 296m
Miracle Road 033m
Napier Street 073m
Nineth Avenue 292m
Orient Street 546m
Orlando Street 311m
Overdale - West Road 328m
Park Street 133m
Pella Road 055m
Penta Lane 053m
Petunia Crescent 291m
Prinsloo Street 083m
Rajah Road 334m
Ralph Road 1.154Km
Ramphal Singh Street 824m
Ranee Street 151m
Ratnagiri Walk 109m
Ravensmead - West Road 25m
Rose Road 112m
Salie Road 114m
Sandhurst Street 083m
School Street 256m
Second Avenue 597m
Seventh Avenue 572m
Short Street 079m
Silo Street 385m
Sixteenth Avenue 422m
Sixth Avenue 526m
Sonneblom Road 337m
St Pauls Avenue 143m
Taylor Street 064m
Tenth Avenue 448m
Third Avenue 532m
Thirteenth Avenue 421m
Thomas Mchelm Close 042m
Twelfth Avenue 431m
Vygie Road 124m
Webner Street 1.186Km
West Street 164m
York Street 565m
Zinnia Road 058m
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