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Congella Attractions and Distance Calculations
Congella is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Congella
Direct Distance from Congella to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 535 Km
Direct Distance from Congella to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 500 Km
Direct Distance from Congella to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1268 Km
Direct Distance from Congella to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 684 Km
Direct Distance from Congella to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 469 Km
Direct Distance from Congella to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 489 Km
Direct Distance from Congella to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 618 Km
Direct Distance from Congella to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 681 Km
Roads Near Congella
Roads / Streets in CongellaRoad Length
122041 Street 217m
122043 Street 225m
122047 Street 111m
122051 Street 1m
122133 Street 092m
122134 Street 114m
122135 Street 06m
122136 Street 1m
Acacia Road 495m
Alan Paton Road 1.728Km
Albert Dlomo Road 1.868Km
Askew Grove 196m
Ayott Avenue 323m
Badger Lane 487m
Baltic Lane 104m
Banshee Lane 479m
Baxter Place 219m
Bedford Gardens 342m
Binns Avenue 261m
Blake Road 452m
Blythswood Road 239m
Bowes-lyon Avenue 421m
Braiswick Place 124m
Brand Avenue 129m
Brand Road 865m
Calais Road 58m
Cambridge Avenue 214m
Campbell Road 215m
Canada Road 358m
Canberra Road 372m
Cavendish Gardens 64m
Cedar Road 229m
Che Guevara Road 2.541Km
Clark Grove 337m
Commodore Road 143m
Crart Avenue 222m
Crofts Road 364m
Cromwell Road 442m
Cuckoo Lane 342m
Dalton Road 474m
Davenport Avenue 223m
Davey Road 369m
Delville Avenue 233m
Deodar Avenue 714m
Devonshire Avenue 225m
Dunkirk Place 188m
Eaton Road 438m
Eddie Place 125m
Eden Lane 223m
Edmonds Place 222m
Edmonds Road 1.087Km
Elton Place 117m
Ely Road 159m
Enfield Avenue 113m
Enfield Road 231m
Evandale Road 095m
Evans Road 1.212Km
Ferguson Road 444m
Franks Avenue 375m
Frere Cresent 501m
Gale Place 255m
Garners Lane 129m
Geneva Place 217m
Godfrey Avenue 345m
Gordge Road 237m
Haig Avenue 216m
Hannah Road 523m
Herschell Road 567m
Hewitt Road 221m
Hopson Avenue 228m
Howard Avenue 397m
Inkosi Albert Luthuli Freeway 4.895Km
James Henderson Cresent 418m
Jameson Cresent 437m
Julius Nyerere Avenue 381m
Kingsley Gardens 366m
Laburnum Road 401m
Laurel Road 404m
Leuchars Road 351m
Lever Road 354m
Lincoln Road 075m
Lukin Road 086m
Magwaza Maphalala Street 1.989Km
Marcus Avenue 222m
Maydon Off-ramp 087m
Maydon Road 2.411Km
McBride Road 36m
Mcdonald Avenue 231m
Melbourne Road 609m
Melvin Gardens 139m
Merino Road 147m
Methven Road 731m
Morans Lane 225m
Morris Hodson Avenue 211m
Morris Place 128m
Mutual Lane 218m
Myrtle Road 443m
Oban Place 05m
Oliver Place 107m
Oregon Road 116m
Ormiston Place 201m
Parker Road 384m
Payne Road 28m
Penzance Road 766m
Pioneer Road 383m
Powys Road 056m
Rainnie Road 396m
Renshaw Road 08m
Rhodes Avenue 335m
Richard Walne Road 8m
Rick Turner Road 1.932Km
Rodney Road 127m
Ryde Avenue 203m
Scott Road 224m
Sir Duncan Road 836m
Sir Liege Avenue 295m
Somerset Avenue 219m
Spradbrow Road 268m
Stella Grove 11m
Stranack Road 287m
Suffolk Place 213m
Sunlight Road 132m
Sycamore Road 236m
Tunmer Road 154m
Turners Avenue 006m
Umbilo Road 2.041Km
Ventry Place 1m
Vetch Road 464m
Wadley Road 225m
Wisley Road 4m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Congella and their distance from Congella
Hospitals in CongellaLatitude Longitude
King Edward III Hospital-29.881694630.9909155
St Augustines Hospital-29.855468130.9916059
Hotels in CongellaLatitude Longitude
Ridgeview Lodge-29.855672330.9888780
Pubs in CongellaLatitude Longitude
A Cabana-29.854478930.9967013
Stations in CongellaLatitude Longitude
Universitys in CongellaLatitude Longitude
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