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Clifton Attractions and Distance Calculations
Clifton is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Clifton
Distance from Clifton to Glenbrook
Roads Near Clifton
Roads / Streets in CliftonRoad Length
Arcadia Road 849m
Arcadia Steps 111m
Biskop Steps 082m
Cliff Road 13m
Clifton Road 244m
Clifton Steps 12m
Kloof Road 3.86Km
Mount Pleasant Steps 06m
The Ridge 278m
Victoria Road 754m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Clifton and their distance from Clifton
Bars in CliftonLatitude Longitude
Bus Stops in CliftonLatitude Longitude
President Hotel-33.922456118.3798148
Camps Bay-33.952309018.3775248
Sea Point-33.917458318.3861316
Cafes in CliftonLatitude Longitude
Vida e Caff-33.922153018.3812430
Vida e Caff-33.950916718.3785710
Guest Houses in CliftonLatitude Longitude
Maartens Guesthouse-33.923920418.3910813
Hotels in CliftonLatitude Longitude
O on Kloof-33.924752918.3828232
Parkings in CliftonLatitude Longitude
Parking German School-33.930556018.3997827
Petrol Stations in CliftonLatitude Longitude
Restaurants in CliftonLatitude Longitude
The Roundhouse-33.943442218.3849793
Simply Asia-33.922089018.3812520
La Mouette-33.921183518.3826191
Take Aways in CliftonLatitude Longitude
Osumo Food Naturally-33.922203018.3811330
Kauai Health Food-33.951059118.3785120
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