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Clermont Attractions and Distance Calculations
Clermont is a town in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Clermont
Direct Distance from Clermont to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 523 Km
Direct Distance from Clermont to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 487 Km
Direct Distance from Clermont to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1263 Km
Direct Distance from Clermont to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 683 Km
Direct Distance from Clermont to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 459 Km
Direct Distance from Clermont to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 481 Km
Direct Distance from Clermont to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 608 Km
Direct Distance from Clermont to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 671 Km
Roads Near Clermont
Roads / Streets in ClermontRoad Length
200384 Street 216m
200385 Street 207m
200386 Street 461m
200387 Street 318m
200388 Street 281m
200389 Street 086m
200390 Street 334m
200391 Street 1.277Km
200392 Street 813m
200393 Street 124m
200400 Street 395m
200822 Street 144m
200823 Street 341m
200824 Street 27m
200825 Street 706m
200826 Street 167m
200827 Street 114m
200828 Street 176m
200829 Street 084m
200830 Street 07m
200831 Street 196m
200832 Street 228m
200833 Street 074m
200835 Street 174m
200841 Street 124m
200842 Street 134m
200843 Street 29m
200865 Street 377m
200874 Street 102m
200875 Street 223m
211576 Street 078m
211596 Street 133m
211697 Street 023m
25015 Street 112m
25020 Street 146m
25022 Street 253m
25024 Street 065m
25026 Street 033m
25028 Street 29m
25029 Street 065m
25030 Street 049m
25031 Street 04m
25033 Street 039m
Bend Street 166m
Bucket Street 141m
Clermont Road 5.325Km
Cloeckner Road 227m
Eichber Road 222m
Eighteenth Avenue 2.115Km
Eighteenth Street 277m
Eleventh Street 983m
End Street 123m
Fifteenth Street 205m
Fifth Street 344m
First Avenue 317m
Fortieth Avenue 998m
Fourteenth Street 619m
Fourth Avenue 1.214Km
Gumede Road 206m
Hwayiba Place 482m
Inkanka Close 456m
Kings Road 1.752Km
Krause Road 577m
Madonda Road 458m
Myenza Road 108m
Nineteenth Avenue 293m
Nineteenth Street 283m
Ntsiba Road 408m
Office Street 173m
Posselt Road 245m
Rawat Road 361m
Regal Road 454m
Schun Road 162m
Sea Street 329m
Second Street 508m
Seventeenth Avenue 1.092Km
Seventeenth Street 251m
Sixteenth Avenue 233m
Solly Street 143m
Tenth Street 984m
Thirteenth Street 322m
Thirtieth Avenue 455m
Thirty Eighth Avenue 1.027Km
Thirty Fifth Avenue 927m
Thirty First Avenue 1.308Km
Thirty Fourth Avenue 1.161Km
Thirty Ninth Avenue 636m
Thirty Second Avenue 1.044Km
Thirty Seventh Avenue 952m
Thirty Sixth Avenue 653m
Thirty Third Avenue 3.41Km
Twelfth Street 357m
Twentieth Avenue 631m
Twentieth Street 889m
Twenty Eighth Avenue 152m
Twenty Fifth Avenue 129m
Twenty First Avenue 449m
Twenty First Street 308m
Twenty Fourth Avenue 589m
Twenty Ninth Avenue 624m
Twenty Second Avenue 55m
Twenty Seventh Avenue 218m
Twenty Sixth Avenue 175m
Twenty Third Avenue 408m
Zazi Road 2.426Km
Zungu Road 184m
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