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Cleland Attractions and Distance Calculations
Cleland is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Cleland
Distance from Cleland to Peacevale Clinic
Distance from Cleland to Pietermaritzburg Airport
Roads Near Cleland
Roads / Streets in ClelandRoad Length
Abelia Road 602m
Aloe Road 201m
Aster Road 155m
Azalea Raod 46m
Balsam Place 051m
Canna Road 078m
Cyclamen Road 192m
Denzel Close 212m
Endeavour Place 137m
Hibiscus Lane 389m
Iris Road 186m
Ivy Road 1.854Km
Jasmine Road 671m
Jowett Crescent 296m
Lloyd Place 168m
Marigold Road 169m
Morgan Road 456m
Oak Lane 385m
Railton Place 126m
Skoda Place 07m
Statice Road 194m
Trojan Way 298m
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