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Clayville Attractions and Distance Calculations
Clayville is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Clayville
Distance from Clayville to Midrand
Roads Near Clayville
Roads / Streets in ClayvilleRoad Length
Ann Road 1.426Km
Austin 065m
Baksteen Road 1.397Km
Becker Street 485m
Berylium Road 66m
Botes Street 379m
Carbon 262m
Cliff Street 577m
Cullinan Avenue 72m
Dan Street 223m
Darium Lane 106m
David Street 205m
Erbium Lane 184m
George Drive 394m
Insimbi Street 174m
Koporo Street 105m
Lombaard Street 1.297Km
Mason Avenue 407m
Meintjies Road 429m
Mill Road 478m
Neil Road 186m
Neon Lane 148m
Neville Avenue 323m
Pearce Street 1.646Km
Premier Road 729m
Reginald Street 1.367Km
Robin Drive 433m
Rowland Road 491m
Smit Street 369m
Southward Drive 3.095Km
Thomas Street 842m
Tin Street 103m
Torium 029m
Tungsten Street 241m
Van Street 908m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Clayville and their distance from Clayville
Petrol Stations in ClayvilleLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in ClayvilleLatitude Longitude
NH Kerk-25.953740028.2198400
Schools in ClayvilleLatitude Longitude
Olifantsfontein Primary-25.954281628.2277014
Stations in ClayvilleLatitude Longitude
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