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Clarendon Attractions and Distance Calculations
Clarendon is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Clarendon
Direct Distance from Clarendon to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 478 Km
Direct Distance from Clarendon to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 440 Km
Direct Distance from Clarendon to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1225 Km
Direct Distance from Clarendon to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 662 Km
Direct Distance from Clarendon to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 404 Km
Direct Distance from Clarendon to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 463 Km
Direct Distance from Clarendon to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 552 Km
Direct Distance from Clarendon to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 640 Km
Roads Near Clarendon
Roads / Streets in ClarendonRoad Length
Boom Street 784m
Burrows Street 171m
Cloete Road 076m
Clough Street 406m
Cordwalles Place 118m
Cordwalles Road 1.091Km
Curran Street 172m
DHotman Place 072m
Ferreira Road 085m
Fettes Road 474m
Freelands Place 083m
Garrick Street 074m
Glouchester Road 359m
Greyling Street 785m
Heathwylde Road 467m
Hillside Road 308m
Howard Road 568m
King Street 3m
Kitchener Road 1.288Km
Logan Road 169m
Moreland Road 253m
North Street 309m
Ordnance Road 408m
Oriel Road 383m
Ormond Street 132m
Perth Street 216m
Peter Kerchhoff Street 137m
Pole Avenue 186m
Quarry Road 173m
Roberts Road 1.699Km
Somers Road 458m
Syndicate 174m
Tanner Road 1.27Km
Taunton Road 1.917Km
Tomlinson Road 511m
Victoria Road 1.288Km
Villiers Drive 1.521Km
Wavell Drive 43m
Wellington Place 092m
West Street 1.532Km
Wheeler Street 087m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Clarendon and their distance from Clarendon
Petrol Stations in ClarendonLatitude Longitude
Police Stations in ClarendonLatitude Longitude
Townhill Police station-29.585405130.3514093
Post Offices in ClarendonLatitude Longitude
SA Post Office-29.597416930.3729802
Stations in ClarendonLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in ClarendonLatitude Longitude
Tourist Attractions in ClarendonLatitude Longitude
Botanic Gardens-29.607799030.3467254
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