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Cato Ridge Attractions and Distance Calculations
Cato Ridge is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Cato Ridge
Distance from Cato Ridge to Mkondeni
Roads Near Cato Ridge
Roads / Streets in Cato RidgeRoad Length
73020 Street 068m
73021 Track 049m
73025 Track 1.451Km
73027 Track 1.365Km
73028 Track 839m
73036 Track 254m
93221 Track 2.753Km
Agnes Road 596m
Alice Goswell Road 2.779Km
Cato House Road 138m
Club Road 182m
Congella Road 099m
D246 8.949Km
Doornrug Road 1.922Km
Drew Lane 33m
Dunbar Drive 627m
Hydra Way 365m
Ingagane Road 376m
Jan De Beer Street 194m
Koeburg Road 233m
Kriel Road 206m
Lima Lane 07m
Mazeppa Road 1.112Km
Newmark Road 403m
Old Georgedale Road 1.163Km
Old Main Road 6.189Km
Piet Breedt Street 435m
Ridge Road 33m
School Road 575m
Selby Road 683m
Shady Lane 1.81Km
Tancred Street 273m
The 221m
To Buchanan Road 662m
Uitkomst Street 1.343Km
Vrijheid Avenue 401m
Welch Street 436m
Wood Road 218m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Cato Ridge and their distance from Cato Ridge
Petrol Stations in Cato RidgeLatitude Longitude
Stations in Cato RidgeLatitude Longitude
Cato Ridge-29.731804730.5880808
Take Aways in Cato RidgeLatitude Longitude
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