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Calitzdorp Attractions and Distance Calculations
Calitzdorp is a town in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Calitzdorp
Distance from Calitzdorp to Oudtshoorn
Roads Near Calitzdorp
Roads / Streets in CalitzdorpRoad Length
Akasia 309m
Barry 194m
Buitekant 252m
Calitz Street 65m
De Korte 126m
Geyser 102m
Kloof 378m
Queen Street 567m
Rand 125m
Spekboom 129m
Stassen Street 463m
Van Rensburg 106m
Van Riebeeck Street 238m
Zaayman 251m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Calitzdorp and their distance from Calitzdorp
Guest Houses in CalitzdorpLatitude Longitude
Spekboom Cottages-33.527017321.6913948
Petrol Stations in CalitzdorpLatitude Longitude
Stations in CalitzdorpLatitude Longitude
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