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Caledon Attractions and Distance Calculations
Caledon is a town in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Caledon
Distance from Caledon to Durban
Distance from Caledon to Langebaan
Distance from Caledon to Strand
Distance from Caledon to Waterfront
Roads Near Caledon
Roads / Streets in CaledonRoad Length
Albertyn 268m
Berg 219m
Cemetery Road 274m
College 405m
Constitution Street 1.115Km
De Villiers 424m
Dempers 481m
Frouenfelder Street 145m
Hoop 464m
Human 924m
Industry Street 596m
Joubert 1.26Km
Krige 487m
Kuil 07m
Laing 613m
Linde 53m
Metcalf 229m
Nerina Street 1.214Km
New Row 134m
Plantasie 589m
Plein Street 858m
Prince Alfred Road 1.581Km
Sauer 297m
St Georges Street 301m
Stasie 398m
Trinity 24m
Upington 367m
Van Riebeeck 76m
Victoria 153m
York Street 063m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Caledon and their distance from Caledon
Place of Worships in CaledonLatitude Longitude
NG Caledon Moedergemeente-34.231342519.4287468
Holy Trinity-34.231616919.4275591
Restaurants in CaledonLatitude Longitude
Venster Restaurant-34.226475519.4281689
Stations in CaledonLatitude Longitude
Tourist Attractions in CaledonLatitude Longitude
Steam Tractor-34.228631419.4293167
The Caledon Spa & Casino-34.225471219.4373415
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