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Bruma Attractions and Distance Calculations
Bruma is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Bruma
Distance from Bruma to Alberton
Distance from Bruma to Northcliff
Distance from Bruma to Sandton
Roads Near Bruma
Roads / Streets in BrumaRoad Length
Allum Road 835m
Allum Road Extension 426m
Allum Road extension 299m
Arena Close 17m
Broadway 1.957Km
Cumberland Road 2.54Km
Eastgate Bridge 152m
Edward Lippert Road 055m
Ernest Oppenheimer 1.342Km
Ernest Schwartz Avenue 388m
Friedland Avenue 897m
Hettie Street 796m
Langerman Drive 1.395Km
Marcia Street 2.133Km
North Boulevard 108m
Owen Letcher Place 051m
Queen Street 1.596Km
Royal Oak Street 527m
Sammy Marks Place 05m
Smith Road 1.305Km
South Boulevard Road 405m
Turnstone Street 695m
Vernon Road 382m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Bruma and their distance from Bruma
Cafes in BrumaLatitude Longitude
Zest coffe shop-26.188894328.1083873
Chemists in BrumaLatitude Longitude
Cinemas in BrumaLatitude Longitude
Eastgate Ster Kinekor-26.179459028.1163266
Nu Metro-26.188617028.1224120
Guest Houses in BrumaLatitude Longitude
The Munday B&B-26.171997628.1225292
Hotels in BrumaLatitude Longitude
Garden Court-26.178911628.1118210
Marketplaces in BrumaLatitude Longitude
Chinese Shops-26.178494728.1063021
Place of Worships in BrumaLatitude Longitude
Mater Dolorosa-26.185107028.1054324
Restaurants in BrumaLatitude Longitude
Various restaurants-26.179343528.1177857
Various restaurants-26.183579828.1154168
Ottimos Pizza-26.185936728.1063617
Schools in BrumaLatitude Longitude
King David Linksfield-26.164931028.1089256
Eastgate Primary School-26.189418028.1022761
Take Aways in BrumaLatitude Longitude
Various outlets-26.184003428.1141122
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