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Bridgetown Attractions and Distance Calculations
Bridgetown is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Bridgetown
Direct Distance from Bridgetown to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1302 Km
Direct Distance from Bridgetown to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1256 Km
Direct Distance from Bridgetown to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1263 Km
Direct Distance from Bridgetown to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 650 Km
Direct Distance from Bridgetown to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 905 Km
Direct Distance from Bridgetown to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1526 Km
Direct Distance from Bridgetown to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 828 Km
Direct Distance from Bridgetown to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1540 Km
Roads Near Bridgetown
Roads / Streets in BridgetownRoad Length
Antelope Court 312m
Blossom Street 614m
Bluebell Square 347m
Brushwood Road 423m
Carnation Square 279m
Cornflower Street 43m
Dahlia Street 183m
Denne Street 467m
Duiker Road 732m
Hebron Court 356m
Heide Street 389m
Heideveld Road 311m
Iris Street 239m
Kalkoen Road 569m
Kiewiet Road 848m
Kweper Avenue 494m
Lark Court 36m
Loerie Road 1.493Km
Mgooi Close 04m
Mguqulwa Close 062m
Nethi Close 044m
Palmtree Court 315m
Pelikan Road 171m
Peteni Close 038m
Reagon Crescent 329m
Robin Court 394m
Sipres Avenue 532m
Snowdrop Square 368m
Sonneblom Crescent 235m
Suikerbos Street 261m
Sunbird Court 339m
Sycamore Way 691m
Tarentaal Road 999m
Valk Road 29m
Volstruis Road 072m
Walton Way 062m
Warbler Court 285m
Weaver Court 142m
Wilger Square 364m
Yekiso Close 061m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Bridgetown and their distance from Bridgetown
Stations in BridgetownLatitude Longitude
Swimming Pools in BridgetownLatitude Longitude
Athlone Swimming Pool-33.961706018.5186469
Theatres in BridgetownLatitude Longitude
Joseph Stone Theatre-33.961305518.5111099
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