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Briardene Attractions and Distance Calculations
Briardene is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Briardene
Distance from Briardene to Redhill
Roads Near Briardene
Roads / Streets in BriardeneRoad Length
107721 Street 216m
Columbia Road 434m
Crown Road 39m
Drury Road 136m
Hendon Road 1.335Km
Holborn Road 214m
Isom Road 322m
Ken Place 156m
Kendal Place 186m
Kenford Road 275m
Kew Road 712m
Klinker Place 165m
Marseilles Cresent 709m
Montrose Road 147m
Queen Nandi Drive 2.648Km
Rosary Road 072m
Rustic Close 162m
Smithfield Road 1.21Km
Tenby Place 176m
The 459m
Travertine Cresent 418m
Wembley Road 42m
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