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Bramley Attractions and Distance Calculations
Bramley is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Bramley
Distance from Bramley to Orlando East
Roads Near Bramley
Roads / Streets in BramleyRoad Length
13th Road 806m
4th Street 1.764Km
6th street 1.175Km
Andries Street 65m
Andries Street South 106m
Beryl Avenue 62m
Boero Avenue 528m
Carlo Road 13m
Dalene Road 47m
Dennis Road 1.932Km
Eden Road 1.284Km
Forest Road 1.255Km
Glen Road 965m
Granville Place 193m
Heelra Road 482m
High Road 708m
Homestead Road 1.169Km
Jeunesse Road 48m
Juliana Avenue 216m
Junction Road 669m
Kelvin Road 69m
Linden Road 1.069Km
Louis Botha Avenue 4.571Km
Maree Road 505m
Marle Road 382m
Minerva Avenue 372m
Pretoria Main Road 652m
Rauma Avenue 224m
Rosemill 274m
South Avenue 1.353Km
Stevens Avenue 307m
Wynberg Road 224m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Bramley and their distance from Bramley
Chemists in BramleyLatitude Longitude
Link Pharmacy-26.125726928.0936562
Fire Stations in BramleyLatitude Longitude
Guest Houses in BramleyLatitude Longitude
The Flamboyant-26.115653128.0739647
Hotels in BramleyLatitude Longitude
Petrol Stations in BramleyLatitude Longitude
Police Stations in BramleyLatitude Longitude
Post Offices in BramleyLatitude Longitude
Highlands North-26.136662128.0905905
Restaurants in BramleyLatitude Longitude
Schools in BramleyLatitude Longitude
Bramley Primary School-26.123710428.0795324
Atholhurst school-26.117810328.0707958
Binham College-26.129939428.0672143
Take Aways in BramleyLatitude Longitude
Scooters Pizza-26.129296428.0680017
Sandwich Baron-26.129317828.0679092
Veterinarians in BramleyLatitude Longitude
Corlett City-26.128519728.0853915
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