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Boskruin Attractions and Distance Calculations
Boskruin is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Boskruin
Distance from Boskruin to Northam
Distance from Boskruin to Rosebank
Distance from Boskruin to Sandton
Roads Near Boskruin
Roads / Streets in BoskruinRoad Length
Baleta Avenue 627m
Beyers Naude Drive 5.975Km
Biskop Road 16m
Blouberg Street 101m
Bologna Road 086m
Bosbok Road 17m
Bush Hill Street 24m
C R Swart Drive 242m
C.R Swart Drive 1.677Km
Castle Avenue 198m
Central Street 116m
Darley Avenue 448m
Dolweni Avenue 1.47Km
Elnita Avenue 1.947Km
Girdwood Avenue 428m
Hamerkop Road 754m
Hawken Avenue 086m
Hofsanger Avenue 296m
Houtkapper Street 277m
Inry Street 191m
InternalRoad 356m
Kabeljou Crescent 507m
Kelly Avenue 3.154Km
Kingfisher Place 136m
Kolgans Street 214m
Kowie Road 674m
Kwartel Street 085m
Lesley Road 382m
Makou Street 131m
Makriel Street 096m
Maluti Close 089m
Melbavink Street 315m
Nimmersat Avenue 279m
North Street 083m
Panther Place 083m
Parana Place 065m
Patrys Road 189m
Rosemary Lane 027m
Ruby Place 075m
Sharrow Road 605m
Sherwell Avenue 1.09Km
Sinclair Road 168m
Starling Avenue 154m
Stream Crescent 128m
Sutherland Street 13m
Swaan Place 03m
Swaeltjie Road 306m
Swazi Road 487m
Sylvian Road 406m
Thrush Avenue 605m
Tintinkie Road 283m
Tomkins Avenue 377m
Uil Place 039m
Vink Crescent 191m
Ysterhout 2.527Km
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Boskruin and their distance from Boskruin
Banks in BoskruinLatitude Longitude
Cafes in BoskruinLatitude Longitude
Pebble Creek-26.073169627.9403085
Chemists in BoskruinLatitude Longitude
Medicare Pharmacy-26.085550027.9474100
Virtual Care Pharmacy-26.078385827.9625016
Guest Houses in BoskruinLatitude Longitude
Harris House-26.081343527.9458587
Hospitals in BoskruinLatitude Longitude
Bromhof Medical Centre-26.085698327.9474563
Petrol Stations in BoskruinLatitude Longitude
Engen Bromhof-26.078188927.9628599
Place of Worships in BoskruinLatitude Longitude
The Barn-26.089050027.9471300
Post Offices in BoskruinLatitude Longitude
Pubs in BoskruinLatitude Longitude
The Keg and Countryman-26.086484727.9583171
Restaurants in BoskruinLatitude Longitude
Primi Piatti-26.095145927.9433192
Schools in BoskruinLatitude Longitude
Rand Park High School-26.093409127.9581022
Rand Park Primary School-26.099450327.9552162
Take Aways in BoskruinLatitude Longitude
Fortune Kitchen-26.085810027.9472600
Pizza Perfect-26.077753527.9465572
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