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Booysen Park Attractions and Distance Calculations
Booysen Park is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Booysen Park
Direct Distance from Booysen Park to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 939 Km
Direct Distance from Booysen Park to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 886 Km
Direct Distance from Booysen Park to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 650 Km
Direct Distance from Booysen Park to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 687 Km
Direct Distance from Booysen Park to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 532 Km
Direct Distance from Booysen Park to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1074 Km
Direct Distance from Booysen Park to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 574 Km
Direct Distance from Booysen Park to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1173 Km
Roads Near Booysen Park
Roads / Streets in Booysen ParkRoad Length
Almond Street 639m
Angola Road 675m
Anise Street 159m
Apple Street 16m
Apricot Street 161m
Argentina Street 152m
Austria Street 178m
Baakenskop Place 064m
Balmoral Road 235m
Bamboo Street 264m
Barracuda Street 531m
Bass Close 069m
Belgium Road 569m
Blossom Street 117m
Blouberg Place 062m
Boet Jegel Road 318m
Booysen Park Drive 2.519Km
Boucher Street 238m
Brazil Street 15m
Brazilwood Street 604m
Bream Close 035m
Brittlewood Street 385m
Bushwillow Street 199m
Cagad Street 203m
Calibash Street 312m
Camelthorn Street 131m
Cameroon Street 151m
Canada Street 244m
Capulet Street 505m
Carob Street 188m
Cedarberg Close 068m
China Road 628m
Coral Road 339m
Coriander Road 658m
Croatia Street 134m
Crystal Crescent 53m
Denmark Street 262m
Donnely Road 863m
Drakensberg Street 655m
Eglantine Street 38m
Egypt Street 112m
Elft Close 034m
Emazotshweni Street 224m
Eucalyptus Street 136m
Fennel Street 287m
Fiddelwod Street 581m
Fig Street 232m
Fiji Street 678m
France Crescent 1.057Km
Gagawuli Street 098m
Galjoen Close 035m
Ganger Street 218m
Germany Street 141m
Goga Street 163m
Gold Street 194m
Greece Street 244m
Grenadiers Road 391m
Guava Street 261m
Hazelnut Street 289m
Henegan Road 42m
Henna Street 318m
Hering Street 166m
Horatio Street 21m
Ireland Street 133m
Italy Street 213m
Jamaica Road 6m
Jonkershoek Close 037m
Joza Street 294m
Juries Close 048m
Kamanassie Close 072m
Kamassie Street 407m
Kamineth Close 061m
Kanniedot Street 524m
Korea Crescent 729m
Kouga Place 06m
Kweletho Street 493m
Langenberg Close 119m
Lemon Street 127m
Lingelihle Road 2.265Km
Litchi Street 155m
Mabandle Street 078m
Mabida Street 222m
Mbele Street 266m
McCarhy Close 054m
McCarlie Close 039m
Mercury Street 046m
Mexico Street 15m
Mnandi Street 298m
Montague Road 554m
Morocco Street 224m
Namibia Street 604m
Ndaweni Street 335m
Nokulinga Street 231m
Nooitgedacht Road 2.818Km
Norway Street 261m
Phaphamani Street 373m
Poland Street 124m
Quartz Crescent 123m
Roman Close 091m
Romania Street 313m
Sapphire Crescent 68m
Scheuble Close 036m
Shylock Street 34m
Snueekop Close 039m
Spain Street 189m
Springer Close 035m
Stanford Road 3.91Km
Steenbras Close 063m
Steenbras Street 439m
Sterera Street 213m
Sterlitzia Avenue 843m
Swartberg Close 053m
Sweden Road 654m
Telling Close 042m
Toverkop Close 038m
Tshan Street 334m
Tsitsikama Street 188m
Uganda Street 245m
Uruguay Street 261m
Vuyani Street 252m
Whiting Close 053m
William Slammert Drive 1.384Km
Winterhoek Close 054m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Booysen Park and their distance from Booysen Park
Community Centres in Booysen ParkLatitude Longitude
Booysens Community Hall-33.862645425.4606212
Schools in Booysen ParkLatitude Longitude
Cedarberg Primary School-33.862984325.4670254
Kwanoxolo Primary School-33.857906225.4880352
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