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Bluewater Bay Attractions and Distance Calculations
Bluewater Bay is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Bluewater Bay
Distance from Bluewater Bay to Humewood
Distance from Bluewater Bay to Motherwell
Roads Near Bluewater Bay
Roads / Streets in Bluewater BayRoad Length
Ada Avenue 209m
Adonia Crescent 381m
Amsterdamhoek Road WaveCrest Link 16m
Barbara Avenue 158m
Bluewater Drive 2.472Km
Brenda Street 193m
Brian Crescent 341m
Christa Street 238m
Christelle Street 19m
Claude Crescent 673m
Clive Avenue 215m
Cockscomb Place 081m
De Mist Circle 76m
Eileen Close 04m
Enez Avenue 204m
Etsebeth Way 385m
Galatea Close 07m
Hilda Avenue 184m
Hillcrest Close 114m
Hillcrest Drive 1.873Km
Himeville Drive 709m
Jeanette Avenue 135m
Jennifer Street 34m
Jocelyn Road 398m
Kami Road 149m
Karen Crescent 389m
Leanne Road 24m
Linky Lane 09m
Lynda Lane 155m
Lynn Street 258m
Marla Crescent 1.263Km
Marock Crescent 362m
Martin Close 05m
Maureen Circle 1.683Km
Natan Street 332m
Nautilus Close 045m
Nautilus Drive 407m
Nelson Mandela Coastal Cycle Path 6.469Km
Poseidon Close 107m
Poseidon Crescent 423m
Sara Avenue 826m
Sara Crescent 104m
Scrab Street 063m
Settlers Bridge 504m
Settlers Steps 027m
Sharon Place 051m
Sharon Road 389m
Suburban Road 334m
Surf Lane 092m
Tafat Street 372m
Wavecrest Drive 548m
Wayfarer Close 084m
Weinronk Way 1.228Km
Yale Road 706m
Zephyr Avenue 76m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Bluewater Bay and their distance from Bluewater Bay
Guest Houses in Bluewater BayLatitude Longitude
Arizona Guest House-33.851141825.6375688
Arizona Guest House-33.851251025.6381269
Poseidon Lodge-33.848041525.6404799
Tamapa Lodge-33.847893125.6406124
Petrol Stations in Bluewater BayLatitude Longitude
Schools in Bluewater BayLatitude Longitude
Bluewater Bay Primary-33.852845425.6276936
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