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Blouberg Rise Attractions and Distance Calculations
Blouberg Rise is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Blouberg Rise
Direct Distance from Blouberg Rise to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1295 Km
Direct Distance from Blouberg Rise to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1249 Km
Direct Distance from Blouberg Rise to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1262 Km
Direct Distance from Blouberg Rise to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 655 Km
Direct Distance from Blouberg Rise to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 900 Km
Direct Distance from Blouberg Rise to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1521 Km
Direct Distance from Blouberg Rise to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 820 Km
Direct Distance from Blouberg Rise to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1532 Km
Roads Near Blouberg Rise
Roads / Streets in Blouberg RiseRoad Length
Abbey Road 169m
Akron Close 343m
Arrabella 283m
Ashdown Close 512m
Augusta Road 1.284Km
Batten Bend 401m
Bella Mare 025m
Belvedere Close 459m
Belvedere End 143m
Boom Bend 224m
Bow Bend 371m
Carnoustie 358m
Carradale Road 43m
Castle Bar Close 497m
Centlivres Cresent 399m
Chantilly Close 134m
Chart Close 071m
Cherry Hills Crescent 569m
Chesterfield Way 258m
Colchester Crescent 199m
Colchester End 058m
Compass Close 487m
Curlewis Road 29m
Cutter Close 232m
Dartmoor Close 124m
Doral Close 143m
Dorchester Drive 477m
Elmwood Close 455m
Fairmont 297m
Fairmont Close 058m
Fairmont Road 204m
Fairview End 073m
Fairwood Close 474m
Fairwood Road 204m
Falcon Crescent 879m
Fancourt Crescent 348m
Finch Close 121m
Finch Way 108m
Forest Close 053m
Forest Lane 479m
Garden Drive 233m
Glendower Close 229m
Gleneagle Crescent 643m
Glenwood Close 513m
Hamilton Close 61m
Hamilton Crescent 19m
Hamstead Street 217m
Harrier Road 104m
Houghton Crescent 22m
Humewood Drive 1.149Km
Humewood Road 047m
Jenny Lane 412m
Karlsbad Close 408m
Kennermer Close 062m
Kensal Close 262m
Kildare Close 328m
Lahinch Close 275m
Leeukop Road 236m
Link Road 399m
Mast Mews 337m
Mission Hills Street 215m
Montego Close 187m
Murfield Crescent 652m
Northfield End 082m
Nottingham Close 545m
Oakland Hills 401m
Otto Du Plessis Drive 2.544Km
Parkview Close 242m
Penny Lane 067m
Phoenix Street 198m
Porterfield Road 113m
Ravenscourt Close 427m
Ravenscourt Road 668m
Ravenswood Road 811m
Redcliffe Close 479m
Redcliffe Road 034m
Ringwood Crescent 072m
Ringwood Drive 92m
Sail Street 873m
Sandown Road 2.423Km
Sherwood Close 506m
Somerset Close 491m
Sota Close 276m
Stannes 258m
Strawberry Lane 152m
Sunningdale Drive 2.071Km
Tern Close 039m
Torquay Close 533m
Toucan Way 089m
Tritonia Road 253m
Turnberry Street 082m
Velderrama 568m
Viola Road 786m
Walton Crescent 41m
Waterford Close 054m
Waterford Road 338m
Watermeyer Road 235m
Waterville 935m
Wessels Road 5m
Willow 1.721Km
Willow Crescent 242m
Windlass Way 554m
Wingate Crescent 785m
Wingate Square 397m
Woodlands Close 422m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Blouberg Rise and their distance from Blouberg Rise
Banks in Blouberg RiseLatitude Longitude
Bars in Blouberg RiseLatitude Longitude
Boogie Bar-33.820754418.4764240
Pakalolo Jass Lounge-33.820683818.4761752
Bus Stations in Blouberg RiseLatitude Longitude
Table View-33.824752018.4888615
Bus Stops in Blouberg RiseLatitude Longitude
Sunningdale 79-33.803563718.4874088
Cafes in Blouberg RiseLatitude Longitude
News Cafe-33.821283718.4771352
Chemists in Blouberg RiseLatitude Longitude
Medi-Cross Pharmacy-33.824730718.4907258
Cinemas in Blouberg RiseLatitude Longitude
Hotels in Blouberg RiseLatitude Longitude
Dolphin Inn Guest House-33.817185518.4760030
Librarys in Blouberg RiseLatitude Longitude
Table View Library-33.827752118.4881616
Parkings in Blouberg RiseLatitude Longitude
Marine Circle-33.820978318.4767032
Table View Mall-33.825341218.4888161
Petrol Stations in Blouberg RiseLatitude Longitude
Engen Sunningdale-33.804316918.4872449
Place of Worships in Blouberg RiseLatitude Longitude
Joshua Generation-33.812710018.4883554
Shofar Table View-33.796688618.4830028
Post Offices in Blouberg RiseLatitude Longitude
West Coast Village-33.804304218.4852777
Restaurants in Blouberg RiseLatitude Longitude
Simply Asia-33.804371518.4853283
Trologos Eastern Cuisine-33.804221218.4857426
Best of Asia-33.820879718.4767987
The Grill & Butcher-33.821438818.4774272
Primi Piatti-33.820712618.4764377
Ocean Basket-33.821391718.4772288
Golden Fish-33.822179118.4778273
Casa Nostra-33.822134518.4776261
Milky Lane-33.822226918.4771678
Schools in Blouberg RiseLatitude Longitude
Elkanah House-33.801845918.4867510
Take Aways in Blouberg RiseLatitude Longitude
Wrecks in Blouberg RiseLatitude Longitude
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