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Bloemhof Attractions and Distance Calculations
Bloemhof is a town in South Africa, North West
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Distance Calculations from Bloemhof
Distance from Bloemhof to Kimberley
Distance from Bloemhof to Margate
Distance from Bloemhof to Ritchie
Roads Near Bloemhof
Roads / Streets in BloemhofRoad Length
Bezuidenhout Street 612m
Bloem Street 339m
Brak Street 1.94Km
Burgerrecht Street 1.755Km
Evans Street 609m
Hull Street 883m
Joubert Street 1.36Km
Kerk Street 743m
Malherbe Street 257m
Oost Street 1.004Km
President Street 1.261Km
PrinceStreet 1.551Km
Resident Street 1.423Km
Skietbaan Street 1.407Km
Voortrekker Street 1.013Km
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