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Bishopscourt Attractions and Distance Calculations
Bishopscourt is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Bishopscourt
Direct Distance from Bishopscourt to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1311 Km
Direct Distance from Bishopscourt to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1264 Km
Direct Distance from Bishopscourt to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1271 Km
Direct Distance from Bishopscourt to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 657 Km
Direct Distance from Bishopscourt to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 914 Km
Direct Distance from Bishopscourt to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1535 Km
Direct Distance from Bishopscourt to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 836 Km
Direct Distance from Bishopscourt to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1548 Km
Roads Near Bishopscourt
Roads / Streets in BishopscourtRoad Length
Alma Road 392m
Aloe Street 141m
Angelina Avenue 25m
Appian Way 178m
Arum Street 147m
Aster Street 184m
Balfour Avenue 33m
Bertha Avenue 288m
Birch Street 103m
Bishopscourt Drive 678m
Bishopscourt Road 417m
Bisset Road 294m
Bisset Street 15m
Boshof Avenue 1.166Km
Bowwood Road 926m
Briar Road 114m
Cherry Close 041m
Cherry Street 253m
Colenso Avenue 37m
Conifer Street 15m
Constance Road 396m
Doris Road 433m
Dunkeld Avenue 44m
Durham Avenue 418m
Eden Road 638m
Edinburgh Close 081m
Edinburgh Drive 3.253Km
Ethel Road 269m
Eyton Road 339m
Fernwood Avenue 584m
Fig Street 155m
Fleetwood Avenue 157m
Forest Avenue 826m
Garden Street 154m
Grace Road 354m
Heath Street 153m
Hildalan Lane 076m
Hildalan Road 171m
Hillwood Avenue 561m
Hillwood Road 548m
Holly Street 169m
Ilex Road 171m
Irene Road 166m
Isabel Avenue 182m
Ivy Road 084m
Josephine Road 172m
Kirstenbosch Drive 1.153Km
Maclear Avenue 335m
Monmouth Avenue 54m
Moss Street 402m
Mountain Road 477m
Norwich Drive 998m
Orchard Heights 388m
Poplar Street 205m
Primrose Avenue 306m
Princess Avenue 289m
Prospect Road 187m
Rhodes Avenue 938m
Rhodes Drive 585m
Riverside Road 344m
Robinson Avenue 308m
Rose Street 552m
Shamrock Street 173m
Sidmouth Avenue 331m
St. Albans Close 061m
Struben Road 477m
Sylvia Road 333m
Tabora Way 057m
Talana Close 105m
Talana Road 342m
Thistle Street 424m
Thorn Street 354m
Torquay Avenue 674m
Upper Angelina Avenue 154m
Upper Bebington Avenue 611m
Upper Hillwood Road 41m
Upper Holly Street 297m
Upper Isabel Avenue 105m
Upper Moss Street 208m
Upper Noreen Avenue 489m
Upper Rose Street 168m
Upper Sidmouth Avenue 23m
Upper Thistle Avenue 119m
Upper Thistle Street 217m
Upper Torquay Avenue 361m
Violet Road 088m
Willow Road 597m
Winchester Avenue 403m
Zion Road 279m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Bishopscourt and their distance from Bishopscourt
Bus Stations in BishopscourtLatitude Longitude
Claremont Taxi Rank-33.981781018.4664346
Cafes in BishopscourtLatitude Longitude
Vida e Caffe-33.978995218.4630196
Chemists in BishopscourtLatitude Longitude
Hospitals in BishopscourtLatitude Longitude
Claremont Hospital-33.986274618.4664961
Crescent Clinic-33.989401418.4670905
Hotels in BishopscourtLatitude Longitude
The Vineyard Hotel-33.978973418.4588200
Cellars Hohenort-34.001431818.4347034
Nightclubs in BishopscourtLatitude Longitude
Tiger Tiger-33.979590618.4652697
Parkings in BishopscourtLatitude Longitude
Newlands Forest-33.971147918.4497267
Place of Worships in BishopscourtLatitude Longitude
Church on Main-33.981210618.4656189
Restaurants in BishopscourtLatitude Longitude
Fynbos Deli-33.988627618.4336980
Silvertree Restaurant-33.988849518.4335289
Kirstenbosch Tea Room-33.986895518.4316218
Barristers Grill & Cafe-33.975973618.4591115
Tourist Attractions in BishopscourtLatitude Longitude
Deadwood Boulder-33.979259218.4378778
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