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Bishop Lavis Attractions and Distance Calculations
Bishop Lavis is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Bishop Lavis
Distance from Bishop Lavis to Tyger Valley Shopping Centre
Roads Near Bishop Lavis
Roads / Streets in Bishop LavisRoad Length
Adam Lane 051m
Adam Street 118m
Agnes Crescent 025m
Aimee Road 305m
Akkerboom Road 244m
Allan Road 361m
Andrew Street 198m
Ann Road 161m
Anne Street 132m
Appel Road 127m
Arthur Abrahams Avenue 502m
Arum Road 075m
Barracuda Crescent 938m
Bass Walk 067m
Belvedere Circle 195m
Ben Street 051m
Betty Road 063m
Bird Street 369m
Bishop Lavis Drive 1.687Km
Bluegum Road 365m
Boom Street 153m
Borcherds Quarry Road 1.556Km
Bosberg Road 276m
Bream Way 509m
Carp Road 065m
Cecil Close 053m
Chad Way 383m
Change Road 04m
Charles Lane 056m
Cob Close 103m
Debbie Close 059m
Deer Road 07m
Diana Street 053m
Drakenstein Circle 1.47Km
Edmund Close 034m
Eleanor Close 023m
End Road 102m
Eva Street 11m
Fifteenth Street 593m
First Street 173m
Flora Road 063m
Forel Road 357m
Fourteenth Street 259m
Fourth Street 304m
Garrick Walk 062m
Gousblom Street 071m
Hazel Close 024m
Hazel Road 155m
Heath Street 152m
Heather Road 067m
Heide Road 071m
Heilbot Road 38m
Helderberg Road 711m
Hester Lane 053m
Hester Street 606m
Hilda Crescent 169m
Holly Road 061m
Ivy Street 064m
Jean Street 077m
Jessica Road 535m
John Ramsay Avenue 577m
Joy Close 13m
Kasteelberg Road 595m
Keurberg Road 526m
Kleinberg Road 377m
Kogelberg Road 374m
Koppiesdam Road 433m
Kurper Road 072m
League Road 165m
Leeuberg Road 25m
Lena Close 033m
Lenton Drive 591m
Lukas Street 176m
Lydia Street 096m
Makriel Road 174m
Manta Way 088m
Margaret Road 075m
Marie Crescent 169m
Marlin Lane 365m
Martha Road 063m
Melba Road 292m
Oliver Crescent 031m
Oliver Street 163m
Olyfberg Road 909m
Paulsberg Road 224m
Paulus Street 333m
Pelican Street 219m
Perelberg Crescent 612m
Pike Crescent 337m
Planet Road 232m
Port Jackson Road 256m
Reenberg Road 449m
Regan Close 033m
Robin Road 064m
Ronald Close 122m
Rondeberg Road 378m
Roome Crescent 235m
Rose Road 068m
Sandy Lane 298m
School Road 309m
Second Street 174m
Shirley Street 077m
Short Street 069m
Simon Street 475m
Simonsberg Road 492m
Sixteenth Street 438m
Sky Road 917m
Slangberg Road 198m
Sneeuberg Road 307m
Sparrow Road 071m
Spitsberg Road 132m
Star Road 425m
Steur Road 169m
Sue Street 088m
Sun Road 255m
Swan Road 632m
Tulip Road 071m
Tuna Road 322m
Vaal Road 337m
Venus Crescent 21m
Volga Road 066m
Vygie Road 608m
White Road 141m
Wilge Road 268m
William Mason Road 418m
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Police Stations in Bishop LavisLatitude Longitude
Bishop Lavis SAPS-33.946444218.5725482
Stations in Bishop LavisLatitude Longitude
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