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Birch Acres Attractions and Distance Calculations
Birch Acres is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Birch Acres
Distance from Birch Acres to Menlyn
Roads Near Birch Acres
Roads / Streets in Birch AcresRoad Length
Ambrosia Avenue 1.27Km
Bafadi Street 924m
Basiaan avenue 373m
Blouvalk avenue 328m
Boelboel road 456m
Bokmakierie avenue 328m
Bontelsie avenue 26m
Boomkruiper Street 308m
Boompeiper avenue 272m
Bromvo?½l road 333m
Doppertjie road 281m
Edelvalk crescent 42m
Flamink road 989m
Glanspreeu avenue 365m
Grasuil avenue 256m
Hadida crescent 377m
Hofsanger avenue 346m
Kakelaar avenue 287m
Katakoeroe street 1.324Km
Katlagter street 519m
Klipwagter street 194m
Klopkoppie street 341m
Korhaan road 1.016Km
Kraanvo?½l road 228m
Kuifreier Street 176m
Kwartel 2.449Km
Kwikstert avenue 445m
Makou avenue 369m
Maraboe road 784m
Meeu road 1.026Km
Mooimeisie street 141m
Nuwejaarsvo?½l Avenue 386m
Ossewa Street 1.28Km
P.A. Van Schalkwyk Street 557m
Paradysvink road 1.013Km
Pikkewyn avenue 626m
Pongolarivier Drive 383m
Rooiassie avenue 368m
Sabierivier Street 926m
Sneeubal street 239m
Strandloper road 598m
Suikerbekkie road 725m
Swaan avenue 45m
Swawel road 28m
Swie street 104m
Swies street 279m
Tapuit 077m
Tinktinkie avenue 256m
Tuinfluiter road 547m
Tureluur street 281m
Wewer road 221m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Birch Acres and their distance from Birch Acres
Petrol Stations in Birch AcresLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in Birch AcresLatitude Longitude
NG Mooifontein-26.060489228.2092363
Schools in Birch AcresLatitude Longitude
Mooifontein primary-26.063640828.2083565
Take Aways in Birch AcresLatitude Longitude
Flash Roadhouse-26.069602328.2082041
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