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Bethelsdorp Attractions and Distance Calculations
Bethelsdorp is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Bethelsdorp
Direct Distance from Bethelsdorp to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 941 Km
Direct Distance from Bethelsdorp to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 888 Km
Direct Distance from Bethelsdorp to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 653 Km
Direct Distance from Bethelsdorp to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 686 Km
Direct Distance from Bethelsdorp to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 534 Km
Direct Distance from Bethelsdorp to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1075 Km
Direct Distance from Bethelsdorp to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 578 Km
Direct Distance from Bethelsdorp to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1175 Km
Roads Near Bethelsdorp
Roads / Streets in BethelsdorpRoad Length
Abbot Street 062m
Adams Street 1.172Km
Andries Road 178m
Augustine Street 292m
Baines Street 08m
Baudina Road 122m
Benjamin Street 072m
Beydon Street 178m
Bonaventure Crescent 502m
Brink Road 643m
Brunia Street 147m
Calpurnia Road 1.072Km
Calvin Road 074m
Carney Street 273m
Catherine Street 2.394Km
Chester Street 256m
Clivia Crescent 378m
Coleus Crescent 665m
Coombs Street 297m
Crassula Street 154m
Crinum Crescent 659m
De Doncker Street 526m
Ebony Street 181m
Edelweiss Road 068m
Felicia Crescent 542m
Flax Street 058m
Gelans Road 355m
Grootboom Street 596m
Harebell Street 549m
Heemro Place 078m
Heenan Street 311m
Koen Street 631m
Main Road 746m
Najiola Road 212m
Nell Street 061m
Nemesia Street 1.075Km
Norman Middleton Road 849m
Pullen Street 059m
Reed Road 104m
Rensburg Street 3.903Km
Rose Close 058m
Sam Arends Street 311m
Sapele Street 075m
Sayster Street 544m
School Road 667m
September Crescent 725m
Siebritz Road 268m
Slabbert Street 669m
Smilax Street 497m
St Aidan Street 156m
St Anne Street 234m
St Arcadius Street 327m
St Bede Street 46m
St Benedict Street 306m
St Bridget Street 544m
St Cyprian Street 243m
St Domic Street 31m
St Hilary Street 243m
St Isodore Street 175m
St Jerome Street 465m
St Joseph Street 158m
St Oswald Crescent 299m
St Simon Street 188m
St Vincent Street 24m
St Wilfred Street 256m
St Zita Street 068m
Stanford Road 5.712Km
Sugarbush Street 312m
Teresa Street 067m
Van Vuuren Street 754m
Volkwyn Street 442m
Walnut Place 128m
Watson Crescent 435m
Wilfred Road 134m
William Slammert Drive 2.478Km
Yellowwood Street 507m
Yew Street 179m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Bethelsdorp and their distance from Bethelsdorp
Bed and Breakfasts in BethelsdorpLatitude Longitude
Bethel Bed and Breakfast-33.895972325.5246834
Colleges in BethelsdorpLatitude Longitude
Dower College-33.888869025.5239059
Hospitals in BethelsdorpLatitude Longitude
West End Clinic-33.884865625.5180550
Schools in BethelsdorpLatitude Longitude
Triomf Primary School-33.887283825.5095398
Sanctor Primary School-33.883467425.5067055
Sanctor High School-33.882803825.5079198
West End Primary School-33.881998725.5183869
Bethvale Primary School-33.877765825.5018578
Arcadia Primary School-33.882132525.5234584
Arcadia Secondary School-33.877943025.5206971
Machui Primary School-33.890565825.5265129
Soutpan Primary School-33.874367425.5181082
Chatty Secondary School-33.871383825.5044298
Greenville Primary School-33.871500825.5015859
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