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Berkshire Downs Attractions and Distance Calculations
Berkshire Downs is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Berkshire Downs
Direct Distance from Berkshire Downs to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 521 Km
Direct Distance from Berkshire Downs to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 485 Km
Direct Distance from Berkshire Downs to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1261 Km
Direct Distance from Berkshire Downs to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 682 Km
Direct Distance from Berkshire Downs to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 456 Km
Direct Distance from Berkshire Downs to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 480 Km
Direct Distance from Berkshire Downs to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 605 Km
Direct Distance from Berkshire Downs to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 670 Km
Roads Near Berkshire Downs
Roads / Streets in Berkshire DownsRoad Length
211598 Street 494m
211603 Street 152m
211671 Street 046m
211753 Street 124m
211754 Street 078m
211755 Street 031m
211756 Street 037m
211757 Street 039m
211758 Street 085m
211761 Street 307m
23804 Street 113m
23828 Road 137m
Aberdeen Road 193m
Adrienne Place 087m
Alfred Road 914m
Aller Cresent 422m
Ascot Close 164m
Ayr Close 13m
Bergthiel Street 219m
Berkshire Drive 1.45Km
Blofield Road 486m
Bohmer Road 1.054Km
Bosse Street 1.296Km
Bradfield Place 291m
Cemetery Street 324m
Chait Close 06m
Chichester Gardens 291m
Chris Hani Road 54m
Cunmor Gardens 1.381Km
Datchet Place 265m
Deepvale Road 453m
Dinkelman Road 089m
Dundee Road 339m
Eighth Avenue 103m
Eleventh Avenue 1.317Km
Erfmann Street 526m
Evenden Place 053m
Fifteenth Avenue 172m
Fourteenth Street 206m
Freese Road 308m
Gandai Drive 387m
Glamis Avenue 1.264Km
Glamis Gardens 33m
Glockner Street 346m
Gordon Pirrie Cresent 462m
H Gwala Road 086m
Harborth Road 907m
Hillside Road 572m
Hilmer Street 875m
Ilsley Drive 131m
Janine Road 394m
Kearey Place 285m
Klusner Close 155m
Laatz Close 118m
Lambourne Road 039m
Lanark Cresent 349m
Lange Street 072m
Louisa Place 161m
Maidenhead Gardens 338m
Majuba Road 331m
Masakhane Cresent 063m
Masoka Street 089m
Melissa Cresent 35m
Meyer Close 075m
Montrose Close 079m
Msizi Dube Street 648m
Newbury Drive 831m
Ninth Avenue 244m
Ninth Street 586m
Nkanyezi Road 427m
Nkululeko Avenue 546m
Oberreuter Street 44m
Oellermann Street 169m
Padfield Road 1.954Km
Rabe Street 146m
Reading Avenue 701m
Rethman Street 933m
Robertson Road 393m
S Biko Road 127m
Sandhurst Avenue 1.141Km
Schallenberg Street 324m
Schmidt Street 176m
Scholtz Place 12m
Seventh Avenue 351m
Seventh Street 399m
Sieksmeyer Street 25m
Sinqobile Place 179m
Sixteenth Avenue 072m
Siyanroba Road 137m
Slovo Cresent 306m
Tenth Street 34m
Thambo Place 251m
Thirteenth Avenue 198m
Thole Street 91m
Thurso Road 119m
Twelfth Avenue 466m
Unger Cresent 357m
Weaver Place 097m
Wehaus Street 324m
Westermeyer Road 44m
White Horse Vale 823m
Winter Close 045m
Wyebank Road 3.767Km
Zabalaza Cresent 508m
Zazi Road 143m
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