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Bedworth Park Attractions and Distance Calculations
Bedworth Park is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Bedworth Park
Distance from Bedworth Park to Francis Baard Street
Roads Near Bedworth Park
Roads / Streets in Bedworth ParkRoad Length
Achilles Avennue 845m
Adonis Road 104m
Athene Road 583m
Athenia Avenue 267m
Aurora Avenue 748m
Barrage Road 6.615Km
Bellona Avenue 625m
Ben Pitsi Road 433m
Bendis Avenue 813m
Borea Avenue 818m
Casandra Avenue 2.589Km
Centuar Road 256m
Chloe Avenue 794m
Chronos Road 201m
Cyclops Road 134m
Demeter Road 1Km
Diana Avenue 788m
Electra Road 122m
Eros Avenue 329m
Evande Avenue 747m
Fortuna Avenue 924m
Furrina Avenue 917m
Galatea Road 851m
Ganynede Avenue 964m
Hector Road 627m
Helios Avenue 822m
Hendrik van Eck Boulevard 3.15Km
Ithaca Avenue 775m
Janis Road 1.016Km
Lehoko Drive 879m
Lesiea Street 356m
Mahlonoko Street 126m
Masooa Street 208m
Minerva Road 589m
Monyake Street 173m
Nene Street 146m
Ngali Drive 733m
Nteso Drive 663m
Ntuhla Drive 2m
Olympus Road 778m
Orion Road 738m
Pallas Road 469m
Penelope Road 1.085Km
Priam Road 135m
Ramokhoasi Drive 806m
Sefali Street 11m
Skosana Street 115m
Titan Road 259m
Troy Road 13m
Tshabalala Street 168m
Waare Drive 202m
Zeus Road 15m
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