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Bayswater Attractions and Distance Calculations
Bayswater is a suburb in South Africa, Free State
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Distance Calculations from Bayswater
Direct Distance from Bayswater to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 417 Km
Direct Distance from Bayswater to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 366 Km
Direct Distance from Bayswater to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 915 Km
Direct Distance from Bayswater to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 471 Km
Direct Distance from Bayswater to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 546 Km
Direct Distance from Bayswater to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 617 Km
Direct Distance from Bayswater to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 149 Km
Direct Distance from Bayswater to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 659 Km
Roads Near Bayswater
Roads / Streets in BayswaterRoad Length
Alsace Street 698m
Anjou Street 142m
Arnhiem 101m
Artois Street 275m
Batavier Street 236m
Bretagne Street 325m
Burgundy Crescent 394m
Byssel Road 15m
Calais Street 4m
Champagne Street 541m
Charolais Street 353m
Clarens 182m
Clarens Street 46m
Conde Street 344m
Coste Street 159m
Dauphine Street 493m
David Fourie Street 81m
Deale Road 604m
Delft Street 101m
Den Haag 238m
Dieppe Street 222m
Eeufees 2.708Km
Embrun Street 183m
Essex Street 185m
Flanders Street 094m
FlandersStreet 119m
Franklin Road 149m
Franklin Street 261m
Friesland 349m
Gelderland Street 461m
Gladstone Road 602m
Gladstone Street 1.178Km
Innes Avenue 1.117Km
Koning Willem Street 438m
Kuyper 104m
La Motte Street 94m
Launguedoc Street 635m
Leiden Street 44m
Lorraine Street 343m
Maas Street 143m
Metz Street 501m
Milner Road 1.257Km
Mons Road 551m
Muller 104m
Nantes Road 552m
Normandy Road 1.779Km
Nymegen Steet 099m
Orleans 18m
Orleans Street 37m
Picardy Street 223m
Poitier Street 112m
Prettyman Street 443m
Provence Street 556m
Rhyn Avenue 993m
Rochelle 253m
Rotterdam Street 687m
Rouen 114m
Ryk Tulbach Street 76m
Sedan Street 388m
Stanley Street 438m
Toulon 109m
Toumay Street 143m
Ursinus Street 1m
Versailles Street 556m
Warden Street 724m
Wilcocks 494m
Wilcocks Road 2.159Km
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