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Baysville Attractions and Distance Calculations
Baysville is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Baysville
Direct Distance from Baysville to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 806 Km
Direct Distance from Baysville to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 755 Km
Direct Distance from Baysville to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 886 Km
Direct Distance from Baysville to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 457 Km
Direct Distance from Baysville to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 460 Km
Direct Distance from Baysville to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 888 Km
Direct Distance from Baysville to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 562 Km
Direct Distance from Baysville to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1022 Km
Roads Near Baysville
Roads / Streets in BaysvilleRoad Length
3rd Avenue 081m
4th Avenue 08m
5th Avenue 079m
Anderson Road 181m
Arundel Road 282m
Atlas Road 472m
Atwell Road 195m
Baynes Street 272m
Bentinck Road 068m
Berea Terrace 177m
Bright Street 127m
Burnett Road 363m
Castel Road 387m
Chamberlain Road 1.967Km
Chatham Road 347m
Craig Street 116m
Davidson Street 291m
De Villiers Street 221m
Derby Road 141m
Dunbar Road 377m
Egerton Road 414m
Epsom Road 15m
Fairview Road 194m
Fisher Road 124m
Gately Street 1.416Km
Glaston Road 139m
Glen Eagles Road 361m
Glen Road 228m
Goodenough Road 075m
Gordon Road 442m
Graham Road 338m
Greenan Street 386m
Greenwood Street 271m
Gregg Road 229m
Guinea Fowl Close 086m
Jarvis Road 1.598Km
Jellico Street 115m
Keam Road 329m
Kloof Terrace 132m
Lance Road 323m
Latimer Street 386m
Lazarus Road 222m
Lincoln Road 367m
Marlborough Road 142m
McGrath Street 118m
Medefindt Crescent 78m
Moelwyn Terrace 103m
Montrose Place 054m
Muller Street 292m
Nahoon View Road 221m
North East Expressway 3.639Km
Oakhampton Road 294m
Old Transkei Road 1.306Km
Osborne Road 365m
Paley Street 12m
Parkin Road 201m
Pearce Road 1.479Km
Rabie Road 316m
Ramsay Road 169m
Rodney Street 107m
Rose Garden 113m
Roslin Road 974m
Saint Davids Road 571m
Saint Georges Places 12m
Saint Georges Road 1.5Km
Saint James Street 1.385Km
Saint Peters Road 1.232Km
Scherwitz Street 235m
Stanhope Street 222m
Stewart Drive 895m
Stirling Road 145m
Suffolk Road 387m
Tait Road 319m
Tecoma Street 385m
Thornburn Terrace 562m
Tiddy Crescent 736m
Tottenham Road 515m
Tyrell Road 273m
Usher Street 222m
Valley Road 1.205Km
Weaver Place 025m
Weaver Terrace 312m
Winkley Street 159m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Baysville and their distance from Baysville
Art Gallerys in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Anne Bryant Art Gallery-33.000408227.8977935
Banks in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Bidvest Bank-32.983845927.9024069
Cafes in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Cellphone Towers in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Cell Tower-32.990856427.9240957
Chemists in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Link Berea Pharmacy-32.993621627.9124410
Vincent Family Pharmacy-32.983629727.9041882
Cinemas in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Clinics in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Medicross East London-32.993500127.9072536
Colleges in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
East London FET College-32.996009727.8995102
Guest Houses in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Hathaway House-33.000621027.9268848
Hospitals in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Saint Marks Hospital-32.996500227.9036520
Saint Dominics Hospital-32.998635627.9030487
Hotels in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Garden Court-33.010826727.9201318
Librarys in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Vincent Library-32.982457027.9023917
Memorials in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
The Cenotaph East London-32.997525227.8980424
Museums in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
East London Museum-32.995270227.8973965
Petrol Stations in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
BP Berea EL-32.993014227.9113198
222 Service Station-32.995875027.9030621
Kempston Fuel-32.983310327.9200592
Place of Worships in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Berea Baptist Church-32.990663027.9093662
NG Kerk Oos-Londen-Noord-32.984935027.9106276
First City Baptist Church-33.007172627.9006837
Post Offices in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Vincent Post Office-32.983854927.9026161
Restaurants in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Silver Eagle Spur-32.993702627.9101772
Ocean Basket-32.983661527.9035659
Mugg and Bean-32.983355227.9039092
Cafe Avanti-32.983567027.9033242
Schools in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Hoerskool Grens-33.000872427.9147769
Stirling Primary School-32.991487127.9215253
Hudson Park High-32.985718727.9158605
Stirling High School-32.993106927.9258919
Port Rex Technical High-32.985142727.9116977
Hudson Park Primary-32.983162827.9160321
Selborne Primary-32.988683127.9002142
Laerskool Grens-33.006408227.9028788
Clarendon Girls High-32.994825427.8958205
Laerskool Nahoon-32.983288427.9265662
Stations in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Scooters Pizza-32.992969427.9102681
Curry Muncher-32.983553727.9041933
The Windmill-33.011620027.9197219
Theatres in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Guild Theatre-32.994706127.8971217
The Arts Theatre-33.008186927.9032462
Tourist Attractions in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Kimmerling Plaque-32.995025627.9260664
Veterinarians in BaysvilleLatitude Longitude
Berea Veterinary Clinic-32.992049127.9096076
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