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Barrydale Attractions and Distance Calculations
Barrydale is a village in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Barrydale
Distance from Barrydale to Stikland Industrial
Distance from Barrydale to Uniondale
Distance from Barrydale to Willowmore
Roads Near Barrydale
Roads / Streets in BarrydaleRoad Length
Bain Street 848m
Dahlia Avenue 36m
De Kock Street 515m
Hellier Street 785m
High Level 758m
Hoffmann Street 263m
Hugo Street 299m
Laing Street 862m
Milner Street 927m
Protea Avenue 43m
Sprigg Street 479m
Steyn Street 1.092Km
Tennant Street 892m
The Blue Cow Coffee Shop 06m
Tinley Street 1.516Km
Van Coller Street 85m
Van Riebeeck Street 1.391Km
Villiers Street 1.004Km
Wilger Avenue 218m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Barrydale and their distance from Barrydale
Banks in BarrydaleLatitude Longitude
ABSA Bank-33.904054920.7215727
Cafes in BarrydaleLatitude Longitude
The Blue Cow Coffee Shop-33.899814120.7258593
Guest Houses in BarrydaleLatitude Longitude
The Jacaranda Lodge B&B-33.903646820.7211330
Katidale B&B-33.903723620.7195190
Tradouw Guest House-33.902667320.7227528
The Bikestop B&B-33.904879420.7164455
Catani B&B-33.905440820.7330816
Hostels in BarrydaleLatitude Longitude
Barrydale Backpackers-33.905921820.7156453
Hotels in BarrydaleLatitude Longitude
Watercourt Lodge-33.904986920.7176917
Police Stations in BarrydaleLatitude Longitude
Barrydale SAPS-33.902691320.7211388
Post Offices in BarrydaleLatitude Longitude
Barrydale Post Office-33.904002120.7216537
Pubs in BarrydaleLatitude Longitude
Dung Beetle Bar-33.905878520.7157053
Restaurants in BarrydaleLatitude Longitude
Bistro Blues Restaurant-33.904995320.7193090
The Jam Tarts Restaurant-33.904663620.7181409
Simply Food-33.905026620.7176607
The Country Pumpkin-33.905317420.7165874
A Place in Time-33.906281820.7158906
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