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Atlantis Attractions and Distance Calculations
Atlantis is a town in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Atlantis
Direct Distance from Atlantis to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 1276 Km
Direct Distance from Atlantis to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 1230 Km
Direct Distance from Atlantis to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 1253 Km
Direct Distance from Atlantis to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 656 Km
Direct Distance from Atlantis to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 884 Km
Direct Distance from Atlantis to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1504 Km
Direct Distance from Atlantis to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 801 Km
Direct Distance from Atlantis to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1513 Km
Roads Near Atlantis
Roads / Streets in AtlantisRoad Length
Aandblom Close 086m
Acacia Close 047m
Acacia Crescent 1.764Km
Adenium Street 483m
Albatross Place 055m
Aloe Crescent 403m
Angelier Court 06m
Ardennes Crescent 626m
Aristia Close 067m
Aster Crescent 332m
Azalea Close 045m
Azalea Crescent 751m
Babblers Place 025m
Balsamine Close 059m
Barleria Street 364m
Beekberg Crescent 43m
Begonia Circle 1.505Km
Begonia Close 012m
Berzelia Street 537m
Beverley Avenue 291m
Blackdown Crescent 306m
Blouberg Avenue 177m
Bossanger Street 276m
Bottle Brush Street 183m
Brecon Street 438m
Bunker Close 198m
Bunting Crescent 909m
Canary Place 022m
Capitoline Street 15m
Carmel Crescent 355m
Charel Uys Drive 1.573Km
Chat Avenue 114m
Coly Avenue 155m
Cosmos Close 063m
Courser Avenue 133m
Courser Circle 193m
Crow Court 024m
Cuckoo Avenue 053m
Curlew Street 1.349Km
Dagbrekker Street 514m
Darters Place 021m
Disa Close 046m
Duif Avenue 084m
Duiker Avenue 054m
Eagles Nest 022m
Egret Avenue 061m
Falcons Place 023m
Fiskaal Straat 645m
Flamingo Park 094m
Galtonia Street 101m
Gardenia Street 072m
Gazonia Street 1.049Km
Geranium Crescent 271m
Gladiolus Close 11m
Gloriosa Close 109m
Gullhaven 024m
Heathfield Road 125m
Herons Place 027m
Hobby Avenue 461m
Hoopoe Laan 216m
Hornbill Circle 116m
Hydrangea Crescent 36m
Ibis Street 394m
Ibosa Close 027m
Iresine Close 053m
Ixia Close 045m
Jacana Circle 542m
Jacaranda Close 052m
Kalanchoe Street 154m
Kanarie Street 185m
Kiewiet Avenue 133m
Kingfischer Park 025m
Kirkia Street 162m
Kochia Street 079m
Kwartel Close 031m
Kwikkie Straat 145m
Lantana Crescent 297m
Larks Place 028m
Larkspur Close 071m
Lelie Close 044m
Lilac Close 03m
Linaria Street 299m
Lobelia Street 304m
Loerie Avenue 186m
Longtail Street 175m
Lovebird Avenue 196m
Lyster Circle 513m
Magnolia Street 781m
Mahem Crescent 378m
Malgas Street 397m
Malva Close 043m
Marigold Street 497m
Melba Straat 281m
Melia Street 099m
Mossie Crescent 469m
Myna Laan 167m
Nelly Laan 247m
Nerina Street 236m
Orchid Square 043m
Orchid Street 176m
Patrys Singel 206m
Pelican Avenue 182m
Petrel Crescent 216m
Petunia Avenue 125m
Phlox Crescent 306m
Phlox Place 129m
Pikkewyn Place 163m
Pippet Lane 03m
Plover Avenue 168m
Protea Crescent 141m
Quail Crescent 149m
Renostervoel Avenue 132m
Reygersdal Drive 1.882Km
Rooibekkie Street 337m
Roosmaryn Avenue 171m
Sampson Road 984m
Sperwer Laan 097m
Steenloper Street 445m
Strandloper Lane 157m
Strelitzia Street 201m
Strelizia Place 049m
Sugarbird Avenue 086m
Swift Street 1.272Km
Tecoma Place 161m
Tulip Place 311m
Verbena Street 093m
Violet Avenue 161m
Zinnia Place 061m
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