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Athlone Attractions and Distance Calculations
Athlone is a suburb in South Africa, Western Cape
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Distance Calculations from Athlone
Distance from Athlone to Airport
Distance from Athlone to Clanwilliam
Roads Near Athlone
Roads / Streets in AthloneRoad Length
Aden Avenue 508m
Adula Road 071m
Aldwins Avenue 136m
Archer Avenue 136m
Arctic Crescent 167m
Athlone Street 443m
Atlas Road 063m
Bamford Avenue 422m
Bamford Close 139m
Bamford Walk 112m
Bangor Street 164m
Birdwood Street 814m
Boeschoeten Road 827m
Bokmakierie Street 048m
Bolton Road 24m
Bon Street 071m
Boyd Avenue 136m
Buckley Road 314m
Capuchin Street 23m
Carolina Street 181m
Carrington Avenue 463m
Carson Avenue 133m
Cashel Avenue 345m
Church Street 646m
Clevily Road 24m
Conningsby Street 353m
Cranley Road 191m
Craven Avenue 136m
Craven Close 038m
Della Street 069m
Denchworth Crescent 057m
Denchworth Road 677m
Dobson Road 134m
Dominic Avenue 136m
Donald Avenue 136m
Dunbar Street 281m
Elizabeth Drive 813m
Enfield Avenue 136m
Fabian Avenue 136m
Familie Lane 046m
Findon Street 088m
Garth Avenue 233m
General Street 274m
George Road 341m
Gibson Avenue 136m
Grasmere Street 56m
Hawford Street 296m
Heathcote Avenue 136m
Hendricks Avenue 136m
Huxley Street 304m
Jacobus Road 092m
Jan Smuts Drive 2.578Km
Kayser Avenue 136m
Kayter Road 18m
Klipfontein Road 3.534Km
Lady May Street 44m
Lascelles Street 442m
Lawrence Close 047m
Lawrence Road 683m
Longdon Avenue 089m
Louisvale Road 24m
Lovedale Avenue 136m
Luke Road 06m
Mallow Street 146m
Manly Road 464m
Mara Avenue 136m
Massey Avenue 442m
Matlock Street 616m
Melo Avenue 244m
Miriam Street 14m
Mitchell Road 24m
Nevin Street 154m
Newton Avenue 472m
Norwood Street 256m
Oxley Avenue 135m
Peter Street 096m
Plender Avenue 134m
Pliny Street 136m
Raglan Avenue 33m
Railway level crossing 023m
Renfrew Street 44m
Rossal Road 214m
Sandgate Avenue 134m
Simpson Street 725m
Soni Road 149m
South Link 073m
St. Athans Road 335m
St. Simons Road 343m
Station Road 22m
Swart Street 164m
Tancred Street 225m
Telford Avenue 271m
Wallis Road 294m
Watford Avenue 136m
West Link 068m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Athlone and their distance from Athlone
Place of Worships in AthloneLatitude Longitude
Athlone Methodist-33.960037518.5055792
Police Stations in AthloneLatitude Longitude
Athlone SAPS-33.961562618.5071882
Stations in AthloneLatitude Longitude
Swimming Pools in AthloneLatitude Longitude
Athlone Swimming Pool-33.961706018.5186469
Theatres in AthloneLatitude Longitude
Joseph Stone Theatre-33.961305518.5111099
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