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Amberfield Attractions and Distance Calculations
Amberfield is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Amberfield
Direct Distance from Amberfield to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1292 Km
Direct Distance from Amberfield to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 525 Km
Direct Distance from Amberfield to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 931 Km
Direct Distance from Amberfield to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 405 Km
Direct Distance from Amberfield to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 289 Km
Direct Distance from Amberfield to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 459 Km
Direct Distance from Amberfield to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 257 Km
Roads Near Amberfield
Roads / Streets in AmberfieldRoad Length
Aleppo Crescent 577m
Barn Owl Street 236m
Bell Bean Close 055m
Berkheya Cresent 688m
Black Wattle Cresent 312m
Blunt Leaf Loop 873m
Booghout Close 051m
Buffalo Thorn Avenue 491m
Candle Nut Close 052m
Capensis Avenue 1.626Km
Cordie Close 072m
Coshwood Close 077m
Crassula Close 077m
Cross Berry Close 075m
Ehritia Close 078m
Empress Close 045m
Euclea Close 076m
Gwarrie Close 077m
Harpuis Close 068m
Hook Thorn Close 069m
Iron Plum Close 077m
Kaikawaka Close 066m
Kraalboom Avenue 205m
Laddier Street 602m
Laventelbos Street 017m
Lenchen Road 1.802Km
Loblolly Close 067m
Mayten Close 075m
Moonflower Crescent 89m
Morkel Street 276m
Mulberry Close 067m
Murray Pine Close 073m
Nama Corkwood Cresent 1.064Km
Olea Close 05m
Onion Wood Close 058m
Oranjejasmyn Close 126m
Oregon Maple Close 068m
Osage Close 048m
Ouhout Close 074m
Pagoda Close 045m
Paperbark Close 067m
Patula Pine Close 068m
Pepper Close 07m
Pepperidge Close 054m
Petrel Road 295m
Pipe Stem Close 067m
Platanus Close 066m
Pompon Close 068m
Pyramid Close 069m
Quiver Close 044m
Radiata Pine Close 045m
River Gum Close 071m
Rock Alder Close 065m
Rooihuiskraal Road 1.373Km
Rosegum Close 079m
Sallowwattle Close 067m
Sand Olive Close 065m
Senecio Close 047m
Squill Close 046m
Sterretjie Road 237m
Temple Tree Avenue 688m
Totara Pine Close 046m
Tupelo Close 077m
Turkey Berry Close 066m
Twinberry Tree Loop 1.118Km
Vernonia Close 066m
Wayfaring Close 056m
White Pear Close 068m
White Stinkwood Close 046m
Wild Germit Close 037m
Wild Olive Close 065m
Zeyer Close 076m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Amberfield and their distance from Amberfield
Banks in AmberfieldLatitude Longitude
Banking Mall-25.871323328.1359376
Chemists in AmberfieldLatitude Longitude
Alpha Pharm-25.893799428.1373658
Link Pharmacy-25.872668128.1378269
Cinemas in AmberfieldLatitude Longitude
Cine Centre-25.872163128.1363507
Hospitals in AmberfieldLatitude Longitude
Panorama Animal Clinic-25.893360828.1366397
Medi Park-25.894350128.1429008
Nursery Schools in AmberfieldLatitude Longitude
Regio Pre-School-25.892950128.1388165
Petrol Stations in AmberfieldLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in AmberfieldLatitude Longitude
Doxa Deo-25.869244728.1319853
Post Offices in AmberfieldLatitude Longitude
The Reeds-25.894184028.1423431
Restaurants in AmberfieldLatitude Longitude
Ocean Basket-25.872624528.1382560
Take Aways in AmberfieldLatitude Longitude
Romans Pizza-25.874124528.1388026
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