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Amanzimtoti Attractions and Distance Calculations
Amanzimtoti is a suburb in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal
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Distance Calculations from Amanzimtoti
Distance from Amanzimtoti to Banana Beach Holiday Resort
Distance from Amanzimtoti to Durban
Distance from Amanzimtoti to Hluhluwe
Distance from Amanzimtoti to Keimond
Distance from Amanzimtoti to Ladysmith
Distance from Amanzimtoti to Musgrave
Distance from Amanzimtoti to Nelspruit
Distance from Amanzimtoti to Pietermaritzburg
Distance from Amanzimtoti to Port Edward
Distance from Amanzimtoti to Salt Rock
Distance from Amanzimtoti to Scottburgh
Distance from Amanzimtoti to St Lucia
Distance from Amanzimtoti to Upington
Roads Near Amanzimtoti
Roads / Streets in AmanzimtotiRoad Length
Amber Place 115m
Arbor Lane 144m
Arbuthnot Street 653m
Athol Paton Drive 695m
Beach Road 2.594Km
Birch Road 068m
Bjorseth Cresent 146m
Carlyle Street 409m
Cato Cresent 1.152Km
Chaka Road 085m
Civic Road 464m
Comet Way 191m
Commercial Road 536m
Crawford Place 136m
Cruikshank Road 07m
Dan Pienaar Drive 1.835Km
Drake Road 166m
Essex Road 051m
Farewell Road 07m
Fir Road 05m
Fraser Street 202m
Frost Road 346m
Fynn Road 713m
Glen Terrace 106m
Gordon Road 479m
Gordon White Road 074m
Grants Road 062m
Gwen Road 106m
Hope Road 045m
Hutchison Road 157m
Ibis Lane 063m
Inyoni Cresent 803m
Inyoni Rocks Road 599m
Isundu Drive 1.705Km
Ivy Road 044m
Jacobs Ladr 153m
Khotho Mkhunya Road 2.084Km
Kingfisher Road 278m
Kingsway 7.905Km
Kingsway Off-ramp 031m
Kingsway Road 084m
Kort Street 172m
Kritzinger Steps 124m
Law Road 12m
Len Nichol Road 587m
Lewis Terrace 553m
Link Road 382m
Logie Drive 227m
Lomond Lane 137m
Louis Botha Drive 959m
Mayville Terrace 282m
Moss Kolnik Dr/kwaMakhutha 444m
N2 Northbound 056m
N2 On-ramp 015m
N2 S On-ramp 161m
Nelson Road 631m
Peacehaven Road 313m
Pollock Road 081m
Raleigh Road 504m
RAMP 097m
Retief Street 121m
Ridge Road 37m
Rogies Road 124m
Ross Street 338m
Rosslyn Road 499m
Shad Place 055m
Short Street 257m
Slipway 047m
Stanley Jackson Road 059m
Strapp Lane 055m
Sycamore Road 121m
Turnbull Road 057m
Turner Street 264m
Umdoni Road 103m
Valley View Road 69m
Woodhouse Way 067m
York Street 375m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Amanzimtoti and their distance from Amanzimtoti
Restaurants in AmanzimtotiLatitude Longitude
Sher Jos-30.050651730.8868404
Stations in AmanzimtotiLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in AmanzimtotiLatitude Longitude
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