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Airfield Attractions and Distance Calculations
Airfield is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Airfield
Direct Distance from Airfield to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1283 Km
Direct Distance from Airfield to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 488 Km
Direct Distance from Airfield to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 905 Km
Direct Distance from Airfield to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 386 Km
Direct Distance from Airfield to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 278 Km
Direct Distance from Airfield to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 451 Km
Direct Distance from Airfield to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 277 Km
Roads Near Airfield
Roads / Streets in AirfieldRoad Length
Adams Street 159m
Aerodrome Avenue 1.461Km
Albatross Avenue 533m
Anson Avenue 247m
Beaufort Avenue 236m
Blenheim Avenue 241m
Cambridge Street 2.928Km
Capricorn Street 126m
Catalina Street 265m
Cloudy Street 641m
Dalrymple Street 707m
Davidson Street 897m
Dawn Road 599m
Dee Street 214m
Defiant Avenue 709m
Derwent Avenue 1.343Km
Don Street 175m
Eland Street 402m
Eleventh Avenue 1.157Km
End Avenue 119m
Ensign Road 764m
Fifth Street 1.942Km
First Street 597m
Flamingo Crescent 159m
Fourteenth Avenue 1.196Km
Fourth Avenue 2.325Km
Gilwell Road 391m
Gladiator Avenue 412m
Great North Road 5.182Km
Halifax Avenue 314m
Hampden Street 224m
Howick Gardens A 196m
Howick Gardens B 116m
Hurricane Avenue 24m
Jet Street 096m
Jupiter Road 099m
Kerk Street 392m
Linnet Street 469m
Main Road 1.673Km
Martin Street 348m
Master Street 317m
Meteor Avenue 285m
Miles Sharp Street 3.842Km
Nimbus Street 119m
Ninth Avenue 1.16Km
OReilly Merry 4.061Km
Orion Road 104m
Patterdale Road 309m
Pierre Street 293m
Protea Street 395m
Reaper Street 394m
Reservoir Street 589m
Saturnus Street 413m
Seventh Avenue 215m
Seventh Street 1.06Km
Sixth Avenue 214m
Spey Street 48m
Spitfire Street 301m
Stanley Street 42m
Starlight Street 359m
Sterling Street 277m
Sunderland Avenue 288m
Taurus Drive 502m
Tempest Street 778m
Tenth Avenue 1.069Km
Third Avenue 2.665Km
Third Street 1.141Km
Thirteenth Avenue 1.139Km
Thistle Street 402m
Tom Jones 258m
Twelth Avenue 1.094Km
Typhoon Street 392m
Ugie Street 17m
Ullswater Road 283m
Van Vuuren Street 292m
Victoria Gardens 135m
Vosloo Street 614m
Walmsley Street 621m
Warwick Street 364m
Weaver Grove 156m
Webb Street 453m
Wellington Street 904m
Whitley Street 368m
Wordsworth Road 1.747Km
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Airfield and their distance from Airfield
Banks in AirfieldLatitude Longitude
Chemists in AirfieldLatitude Longitude
Cinemas in AirfieldLatitude Longitude
Nu Metro-26.185603128.3128919
Estage Agents in AirfieldLatitude Longitude
Pam Golding-26.166662828.3101910
Guest Houses in AirfieldLatitude Longitude
Casa Velha-26.173500728.3129604
Welcome Inn-26.171514528.3171199
Hospitals in AirfieldLatitude Longitude
Benoni Medicross-26.162139628.3053352
Hotels in AirfieldLatitude Longitude
Formula 1 Hotel-26.185511028.3115234
Librarys in AirfieldLatitude Longitude
Benoni Public Library-26.186195928.3153688
Museums in AirfieldLatitude Longitude
Benoni Museum-26.186858628.3169689
Nursery Schools in AirfieldLatitude Longitude
Ons Eie-26.171483328.3148631
Tom Newby Nursery School-26.169658628.3144645
Place of Worships in AirfieldLatitude Longitude
Northmead Baptist Church-26.166750828.3148166
Church of Christ-26.173533828.3097562
House of the Lord-26.166699128.3126402
Benoni Baptist Church-26.173339928.3058288
All Souls Anglican Church-26.164326328.3249424
Endeo Farrarmere-26.171528228.3001275
Post Offices in AirfieldLatitude Longitude
SA Post Office-26.163346128.3224404
Restaurants in AirfieldLatitude Longitude
Schools in AirfieldLatitude Longitude
Wordsworth High School-26.175227828.3092527
Horskool Hans Moore-26.160653128.3192348
Benoni High School-26.158804228.3179388
Rynfield Primary School-26.166284528.3278780
Stations in AirfieldLatitude Longitude
Take Aways in AirfieldLatitude Longitude
Romans Pizza-26.169050028.3282299
Choose a Burger Roadhouse-26.169651128.3284086
Universitys in AirfieldLatitude Longitude
Ekurhuleni East College-26.162609928.3202906
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