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Adcockvale Attractions and Distance Calculations
Adcockvale is a suburb in South Africa, Eastern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Adcockvale
Direct Distance from Adcockvale to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 945 Km
Direct Distance from Adcockvale to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 892 Km
Direct Distance from Adcockvale to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 660 Km
Direct Distance from Adcockvale to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 686 Km
Direct Distance from Adcockvale to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 540 Km
Direct Distance from Adcockvale to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 1077 Km
Direct Distance from Adcockvale to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 585 Km
Direct Distance from Adcockvale to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 1178 Km
Roads Near Adcockvale
Roads / Streets in AdcockvaleRoad Length
Acacia Road 134m
Aragon Road 785m
Ash Avenue 136m
Ash Road 295m
C.J. Langenhoven Drive 282m
Dias Road 228m
Diaz Road 301m
Durban Road 1.893Km
Egmont Road 576m
Elm Place 108m
Essenhigh Road 268m
Haven Road 42m
Henley Street 296m
Ingram Street 087m
Kidson Road 066m
Larch Road 525m
Lime Place 126m
Lovemore Crescent 496m
Mangold Street 2.083Km
Maple Road 191m
Maple Square 162m
McAdam Street 225m
Moresby Avenue 298m
Netley Street 175m
Norvic Road 1.002Km
Oak Place 202m
Oxford Street 204m
Poplar Road 293m
Ring Road 1.583Km
Stanford Road 2.121Km
Wolmarans Street 077m
Worricker Street 042m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Adcockvale and their distance from Adcockvale
Banks in AdcockvaleLatitude Longitude
FNB - Newton Park-33.949620425.5706504
Cafes in AdcockvaleLatitude Longitude
The Coffee Society-33.949232325.5694579
Rio Cafe-33.933760025.5842200
The Blue Cactus Cafe-33.947936625.5651895
Swing Cafe-33.947735925.5640062
Car Rentals in AdcockvaleLatitude Longitude
Avis (Greenacres)-33.950492325.5812620
Chemists in AdcockvaleLatitude Longitude
Cinemas in AdcockvaleLatitude Longitude
Community Centres in AdcockvaleLatitude Longitude
Jarman Hall-33.933607025.5760261
Dentists in AdcockvaleLatitude Longitude
Dr Kolnick-33.947555225.5683511
Guest Houses in AdcockvaleLatitude Longitude
Ermas Place-33.946564525.5812674
Bayview Lodge-33.939776525.5827370
236 Cape Road Cottage-33.953176625.5791106
Greenacres Guest House-33.953420825.5798738
Mill Park Inn-33.954845225.5843255
De Herbergh Guest House-33.952560325.5668694
Eden Road Guest Suites-33.953521225.5925636
Arkenstone Guest House-33.957039025.5899227
Saunders Guest House-33.954530025.5960400
Hotels in AdcockvaleLatitude Longitude
Waterford Hotel-33.932008925.5777512
Petrol Stations in AdcockvaleLatitude Longitude
Place of Worships in AdcockvaleLatitude Longitude
NG Parkheuwel-33.938934525.5833841
NG Kensington-33.941498025.5903364
Bethesda Congregational-33.934029925.5699301
NG Wes-33.945925925.5621946
Mater Dei Catholic Church-33.947881625.5625091
Weis Memorial-33.930718525.5711747
Newton Park N.G. Church-33.953558125.5631054
Salem Moravian-33.929401025.5693508
Pubs in AdcockvaleLatitude Longitude
The Brewmaster-33.947258625.5687007
Blinking Owl-33.949245725.5673839
Restaurants in AdcockvaleLatitude Longitude
Narai Siam Thai Kitchen-33.945336025.5711216
Mangolds Restaurant-33.946527325.5700955
So French-33.949620025.5676000
Shuga Free Restaurant-33.948246725.5649665
The Butchers Block-33.946907125.5611134
Silver Lantern-33.957490025.5936687
Schools in AdcockvaleLatitude Longitude
GJ Louw Primary School-33.936378325.5790567
Dietrich Primary School-33.936290325.5772795
Paterson High School-33.937376625.5705672
Westview High School-33.957239925.5769999
Lawson Brown High School-33.948679625.5993272
Take Aways in AdcockvaleLatitude Longitude
Wimpy (The Bridge)-33.949440825.5737114
King Pie-33.948758725.5712301
Hungry Lion-33.935087825.5817898
La Festa-33.949105925.5690604
KwaiLok Chinese-33.949662725.5692747
Grillers American Diner-33.948492825.5603909
Mr Chows Chinese-33.948470325.5601185
Tourist Attractions in AdcockvaleLatitude Longitude
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