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Actonville Attractions and Distance Calculations
Actonville is a suburb in South Africa, Gauteng
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Distance Calculations from Actonville
Direct Distance from Actonville to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 1278 Km
Direct Distance from Actonville to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 485 Km
Direct Distance from Actonville to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 900 Km
Direct Distance from Actonville to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 382 Km
Direct Distance from Actonville to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 281 Km
Direct Distance from Actonville to Kimberley, Northern Cape is : 447 Km
Direct Distance from Actonville to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 282 Km
Roads Near Actonville
Roads / Streets in ActonvilleRoad Length
Akhalwaya Street 444m
Alice Street 182m
Ally Street 48m
Ansary Street 093m
Bawa Street 107m
Bhaga Street 128m
Bhattay Street 152m
Bhoja Street 437m
Birmingham Street 1.734Km
Caledon Street 386m
Carnavon Street 134m
Chetty Street 209m
Cradock Street 12m
Dajee Street 305m
Darling Street 215m
Dass Street 344m
Daya Street 354m
Delair Street 281m
Drakensburg Street 229m
Ellemdeen Street 322m
Feisel Street 493m
Gabie Street 127m
Ghanchi Street 155m
Govender Street 089m
Guman Street 32m
Hajat Street 124m
Hanover Street 117m
Heidelberg Street 238m
Hira Street 192m
Jivan Street 096m
Karolia Street 611m
Khan Crescent 532m
Kimberley Street 277m
Knysna Street 146m
Laher Street 182m
Langeberg Street 281m
Lebombo Street 282m
Loonat Street 372m
Maripan Street 399m
Mayet Drive 2.18Km
Mia Street 301m
Mistry Street 323m
Montague Street 358m
Munshi Street 286m
Naildoo Street 078m
Nana Street 125m
Nayager Street 154m
Paarl Street 38m
Padiachy Street 108m
Parow Street 19m
Patel Street 974m
Pharboo Street 228m
Pillay Street 394m
Poonsammy Street 082m
Pursad Street 687m
Rahman Street 101m
Rajah Street 131m
Rawat Street 331m
Reading Avenue 1.809Km
Roundabout 16m
Saley Street 249m
Seedat Street 1.059Km
Singh street 1.071Km
Sirkhot Street 434m
Solanki Street 195m
Soma Street 845m
Surtee Street 441m
Swartberg Street 153m
Tafelberg Street 387m
Thaiman Street 268m
Tulbach Street 131m
Tulsie Street 198m
Upington Street 448m
Wadia Street 232m
Wynberg Street 537m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Actonville and their distance from Actonville
Hospitals in ActonvilleLatitude Longitude
Sunshine Hospital-26.212787928.3013117
Petrol Stations in ActonvilleLatitude Longitude
Usaid Auto-26.212744628.3001905
Sujee Motors BP-26.207801628.3071948
Place of Worships in ActonvilleLatitude Longitude
Musjid-un -noor-26.211376528.3029483
Jummah Musjid-26.215252828.2973221
Musjid Bilaal-26.214579028.3092204
Police Stations in ActonvilleLatitude Longitude
Actonville Police Station-26.212123728.2998418
Post Offices in ActonvilleLatitude Longitude
Actonville Post Office-26.212600028.3007575
Schools in ActonvilleLatitude Longitude
Actonville Primary School-26.216897028.3009488
Pioneer Primary School-26.217570828.3014423
Liverpool Secondary-26.210006928.3051220
Benoni Primary School-26.210151328.3062699
William Hills Secondary-26.208976928.3128789
Stations in ActonvilleLatitude Longitude
Range View-26.219918028.3155016
Swimming Pools in ActonvilleLatitude Longitude
Actonville Swimming pool-26.213692728.3054530
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