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Herlear Attractions and Distance Calculations
Herlear is a suburb in South Africa, Northern Cape
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Distance Calculations from Herlear
Direct Distance from Herlear to Pretoria, Gauteng is : 474 Km
Direct Distance from Herlear to Johannesburg, Gauteng is : 428 Km
Direct Distance from Herlear to Cape Town, Western Cape is : 833 Km
Direct Distance from Herlear to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is : 617 Km
Direct Distance from Herlear to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape is : 585 Km
Direct Distance from Herlear to Bloemfontein, Free State is : 146 Km
Direct Distance from Herlear to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is : 714 Km
Direct Distance from Herlear to Polokwane, Limpopo is : 712 Km
Roads Near Herlear
Roads / Streets in HerlearRoad Length
Achilles 767m
Anchises 211m
Athens 255m
Atlas 555m
Blacking 718m
Carrington 1.392Km
Central 1.235Km
Connolly 018m
Crandon 577m
Diomedes 062m
Dixon 546m
Du Toitspan 532m
Dyer 579m
Egerton 815m
Elsmere 552m
Freeman 579m
Harley 25m
Hemming 226m
Henderson 659m
Hercules 1.193Km
Hermes 388m
Hesperus 314m
Leander 271m
Loch 256m
Lodge 446m
Main 1.196Km
McInnes 126m
Milner 1.07Km
Minerva 426m
Nelson 23m
Olympia 1.22Km
Ophelia 1.009Km
Robinson 771m
Salisbury 255m
Spencer 271m
Ulysses 165m
Tourist Attractions, Businesses and Places in Herlear and their distance from Herlear
Fire Stations in HerlearLatitude Longitude
Hospitals in HerlearLatitude Longitude
Kimberley Hospital-28.746422624.7715556
Hotels in HerlearLatitude Longitude
Bishops Lodge-28.751975024.7656292
The Kimberley Club-28.741005524.7656803
Information Centres in HerlearLatitude Longitude
Kimberley Tourist Info-28.746469124.7652064
Lookout Points in HerlearLatitude Longitude
De Beers Mine-28.736865024.7735617
Museums in HerlearLatitude Longitude
Cape Police Memorial-28.745834024.7775478
Parkings in HerlearLatitude Longitude
Kimberley Club parking-28.741734324.7656162
Petrol Stations in HerlearLatitude Longitude
Post Offices in HerlearLatitude Longitude
Pubs in HerlearLatitude Longitude
Phoenix Hotel-28.758584824.7852413
The Kimberley Club-28.740868924.7658966
Restaurants in HerlearLatitude Longitude
The Kimberley Club-28.740823124.7656911
Schools in HerlearLatitude Longitude
Diamentveld High-28.751569324.7706472
Kimberley Boys High-28.749868124.7693973
Staats Primary-28.758774124.7715699
Kimberley Junior-28.754631224.7673803
Stations in HerlearLatitude Longitude
Theatres in HerlearLatitude Longitude
Northern Cape Theatre-28.745519624.7696129
Tourist Attractions in HerlearLatitude Longitude
Honoured Dead Memorial-28.751314724.7694178
Diggers Fountain-28.744220624.7677231
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